Can We Have it So Timeless Shards Can Be Used With Split Stat Crafting Mods and Schematics/Patterns

The devs mentioned that they would make it so split stat crafting mods work with timeless shards if the split stat update went live.

That update is no longer happening at this time, but can we please please still get this update? I know timeless shards were added as more of a bandaid fix but I cant see why you can’t make it so they work with all attribute mods.

As of right now I cant craft items with the “assassin” prefix without losing the ability to force a specific perk.

Additionally, can we add a way to use timeless shards with schematics? Both the cosmetic schematics (ice schematics from winter event) and the guaranteed 600 GS ones, we desperately need this to happen. As of right now if you want a frost pattern weapon you either need to roll it completely random (forcing an attribute instead of a perk), otherwise you get to force the perk but risk an attribute that doesn’t work on that weapon (focus on a strength based weapon.)

Another alternative could be just to make it so weapons only roll stats based on their primary/secondary stats and CON, then if you want something different than the normal you can use the crafting mod or timeless shard. I think that would be intuitive and lead to less feel bad crafting situations. Ideally we would still allow timeless shards on schematics/patterns as well as this change.

While we at it (on a different but related note), make the crafting algorithm smarter. So if an armor piece rolls a weapon perk then it locks the crafted item’s attribute into to that weapons’ primary/secondary attributes.

Thanks all! I feel like this likely isn’t too rough of a change, but would make so many crafters very happy.

Tldr: Please make it so all crafting mods (split stat ones) work with timeless shards. Make it so timeless shards work with schematics such as patterns from the winter event, guaranteed 600 GS schematics, etc.

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yes 100% need this

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