Can we have shape-shifting please?

So I did the eden grove questline where you meet the talking wolf and the talking bear, which just made me wish we could have skinwalkers as a playable “class”. Like give us a totem for a weapon and allow us to take the shape of one form or the other? Or be able to jump between them if you hybrid it.

WoW gave me the pleasure of being able to be a werebear and diablo/eso gave me the pleasure of being able to be a werewolf. So can we have this here? The gameplay would be fun as hell and it’d really match this new magical world; Demons, zombies and everything inbetween exists. Hell we have our wizards here already~ Imagine being able to tank as a bear or chase people down by taking the form of a wolf/werewolf.

skin walking is a huge portion of native American folklore, it exists in norse, celtic and greek myths as well. The idea of becoming a big monster and participating in wars or doing dungeons; Or hell just interacting with the world is an epic idea.

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It would also please the furry community … shiver


Would gib you a wuff, I mean heart if it wasn’t on CD.

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I was asking for a beast hunter class just last week! Like being able to tame wild beasts and convert them into house decor pets would be amazing! It would also unlock a druid-like class to use a domesticated (and less fierce) wolf/bear/cougar/leopard/lynx/etc as a companion or secondary “weapon”. Could also do a necromancer where you can someone the lost you’ve vanquished as a time companion similar to TES summoning.

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Im doubtful because if done right; It’d be not cute but horrifically monstrous which is the exact opposite of what the furry community likes. Hard to “UwU” when you look like a monster lmfao

To top it off, if thats the case and we don’t allow this based on that… then there is a ton of stuff they have and are adding that shouldn’t exist because it appeals to “specific” groups of people. (not that I care, I just have stuff I think are cool that I’d like to be able to do here)

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