Can we just get an update on what’s happening regarding furniture trading?

The fact that we are still left in the dark regarding furniture kind of baffles me. Please update us on the topic, just a message like “We are still working on it” is a lot better then complete silence.


If we get no update tomorrow we need to push hard to get this noticed

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still no update :neutral_face:

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After 500 hours of grind i manage to get my Dack/Dice and now am wating already 2 days to be able to trade them to my friend so he can make my trophys… this is just a JOKE, not only did the last Patch killed elite zone farming ( SM elite zone Boss kills drop potions LOL! Elite Chests are junk! ), idk what to say, this is a game killing move you just did, IDK if there are Dupeing porblems, the 99% of players that never abused that duping have to wait for days?? rly? if you did Perma Ban 1200+ players then whats the problem? Cant fix it? GIVE US UPDATE ON THIS!


@Luxendra Do you have an update please as to when furniture trading will be available? Both between players and on the Trading House (in case timelines are different).

Thank you.


@Kay @Lux @TheLawRich PLEASE, update us PLEASE…


can i get everyone to nail the steam reviews? im fed up. if we cant get an answer by tagging admins, maybe crushing steam reviews will do it. maybe.

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Well, if they can’t even say “we are working on it” it just means there is no way to fix it… simple.

My review will 100% be regarding how unsecure any time investment in this game is. It should be marked Early Access because they drastically change major swaths of the gameplay.

Grindy MMO’s have a very important relationship with their players. You need to feel like the time you spend grinding has some future importance in the game. You calculate the effort now to what you are aiming for and then grind away.

This game (not released as a beta or early access mind you) took one month of its players grind time in Furnishing and disabled it without warning and without a single response in the 7 days since!

Can you imagine WoW turning off Engineering suddenly? Making all the mats bop, nothing is sellable or tradable, and SEVEN days later they still haven’t given any update on their plans or an ETA for a fix?!

My worry goes deeper. AGS have showed their hand, they’ve told us who they are as game runners and how easily they can make a choice that impacts our gameplay so intensely and still not feel the need to update or explain.

What if I give them another chance and then next month they freeze Armoring or JC?


Its not just affecting 200 Furnishers btw… it affects EVERYONE and every single crafting profession too (even gathering professions are affected). Im trying to get my last 2 philosopher stones crafted into Max Arcana trophies by our company furnisher since the same day they disabled it… and im still waiting. I wont be crafting any Arcana before i get max trophies because its simply not worth investing max mats unless i have max trophies, so im essentially frozen waiting for furniture trade to be re-enabled before i can use my crafting profession
So is any other crafting Profession where a crafter is missing a trophy.


I just can’t understand how hard this could be, what makes furnishing items so different than other items?

any update here?

Simple, its not furnishing items its trophys, if you have all trophys you are in the real endgame, do to players duping them all over the place everyone of them can make 600 items easy, but thats a small amout of players and they did say 1200+ got perma ban, so its just sad to see how they make us suffer for it.

Is there any way to counter the random shite furniture buildup in inventory?

No I mean what makes furnishing items so different they can be duped but nothing else

Notes there is a patch right now. Thinks “Excellent, they FINALLY fixed furniture trading”.


This should be embarrassing for AGS…


Its just about the Trophys, its not about the rest of the Furnishing items, Trophys are the moust expansive items in the game, having 3x Major trophys for your professions enables you to make endgame gear/items, some players where abusing it by duping that trophys and enabeling them selfs and others to make endgame gear/weapons/tools.

So this trade block made us ( the players that grind for days and days in order to reach the real endgame ) unable to reach the endgame and get the trophys made, we basicly have to lvl up our Furnishing in order to reach endgame for all other professions and grind in general, so is it becous of dupers? or is it becous they dont wont us to reach endgame right now? Is it becous they dont have more content coming and need to buy some more time? or is it just becous they are not able to fix duping?

This is somthing thats killing all aspects of the endgame in NW, the hiden or like they say “not intended” nerfs of elite zones / elite chests is not helping and making it even more terible / inposible of reaching endgame!

7 days ago i hit watermark for Pants and Gloves, since then i was not able to hit 600 water mark on anything els, thats cainda funny, couse i do have all of my watermarks that are not on 600 already over 595 and not geting up to 600, i do all endgame content, so they did maybe block us from geting watermark to 600 for now…

Well many of us have this issue where when opening chest and such found in the environment, they drop items listed as furniture, however will be logged as QUEST ITEMS, so there we are stuck with stuff we did not even have the option of picking up, taking up space and weight in our inventory and we have no way to remove it, drop it, sell it, trade it NADDA!
At this rate my character will be totally unplayable as I will not be able to even carry extra ammo, heal potions or food.
Some one needs to pull their head out of their proverbial black hole and get onto this issue stat please.



Add me to the list of payers that grinded the hell out of furnishing, created a bunch of items to sell, then had them all locked in my backpack. Now I’m toting them all around burning TONS of extra azoth because of the weight.

I did this to make coin! now it’s costing me coin on all the extra azoth! WTF. I’m on strike till this issue is fixed, it’s ruining all my gameplay.

I’m gonna go update my steam review.

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