Can we make smaller combat tuning changes?

From the PTR notes:
Currently, your Stamina regeneration is delayed by 1s whenever stamina is consumed. In the live build, this means that your stamina won’t start regenerating until 0.5s after you exit the dodge if you cancel the dodge early (e.g. by moving). In PTR, we added a 1s stamina regen delay when you exit the dodge, effectively increasing the delay by 0.5s compared to what’s in the live build.

Literally doubling the delay. This is the core of combat. Maybe we could change it by like .2 seconds instead? See how that feels. Make it higher or lower depending on results?

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Im not completely sure about the wording

In my testing i did a dodge and stood still and a dodge and moved the stam regen seem to start at the same time so im not sure what this change did

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True the wording is very strange.

But they still went from .5 to 1 second. Big increase. Wish it would be smaller to begin

yeah not sure why they cant incrementally change these things. Impossible to balance the game in this way.

Should be
We need to decrease the amount people are dodging because of the cc changes:

  1. .2s stam regen increase
  2. still having problems?
  3. another .2s increase
  4. oh shit we went too far now?
  5. .1s decrease
  6. balance

rather than the current nuke shit to the ground til it’s unusable, then 3 months later rectify it.

And they wonder why people have quit in droves.

It’s like they dont realise people spend 100s of hours gearing for certain builds only to see them become trash, of course they quit.

More will quit come arenas, when it should have been the turnaround.

People that spent 1000 hours gearing their Heavy healer build will go bye bye

3 months later they’ll buff heavy healing but of course it will be too late.


Could not agree more. In theory they still have an opportunity to reduce it by .3 seconds. They haven’t totally failed, just on their way to doing so.


The wording is a little confusing, because I don’t think most people even knew that movement technically cancels the end of the light dodge roll animation (and this doesn’t happen in medium armor). In the earlier version of the PTR, you’d still have to wait until 1 second after a full dodge roll animation would have finished if you hadn’t canceled it. In the current PTR, it starts regenerating 1 second after your dodge ends, regardless of how long the dodge animation lasted.

Basically, if you’re in light armor, you should never go completely idle after a dodge roll under any circumstances, because you’ll get a stamina penalty for doing so. I don’t think this is a big deal for most players, since there’s no real reason to stand completely still without blocking or attacking while in combat anyway.

That would make sense why i didn’t notice any diffrance in my testing becuase i was in med

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