Can we maybe tune down the aptitude reward chest a bit please?

I’m all for making it a little easier for people to get legendary mats and rare mods and all that AGS, but I think you’ve overtuned the rewards by quite a bit there.

In less then an hour, I was able to get a complete extra level in both Lumbering and Mining, not by going out and finding rare node spawns with a full set of 600 gathering luck gear and all the fixings… no that would be too easy. I just went outside to a random forest and chopped normal trees and boulders in bulk.

This is what I ended up with from the reward chests…

That is waaaaay too much stuff considering the effort it took, let alone it mearly being a ‘bonus’ on top of what you otherwise would have gotten. That can almost outstrip what someone can get with a high end setup even if they aren’t competing for nodes.

Between all the different tradeskills and how easy they are to level, you’ve effectively increased the supply of these materials into the economy several fold. That’s a particularly bad idea considering nothing has changed in regards to how we use up those materials. We are still gated by a 10-per-day refining cooldown, so it’s not like we are using the materials up several times faster.

It is so bad atm, that in barely 24 hours, prices for most, if not all, legendary mats are less than 1/5th then they were yesterday. A couple more days of this and they’ll effectively be just as worthless as all the other base and low level materials that have no real function in the economy.

It’s almost as bad as when refining reagents from chests got messed up and were dropping 10x “intended” rates and you couldn’t even get rid of them. There are unprecedented volumes of materials just sitting on the market. Stacks of several hundred, and in a couple cases 1k+, legendary materials should not be a thing. It ceases to be ‘‘legendary’’ if it is so common and cheap that no one wants them


No it’s not. I don’t want to fight over an orichalcum vein with 200 other bots to get some tolvium. The rewards are the only chance some of us have at legendary ingredients, especially those of us playing like normal people with jobs and responsabilties.

The price of asmodeum, etc needs to be lowered to allow for players to experiment more with 600gs crafts and the aptitude are a means to that end.

There’s also the idea of rewarding gatherers in endgame and making the xp perk on tools important.

The suspended azoth drops will also adressed one of the most requested things in NW which was easier access to fast travel and crafting power.


Agreed, why bother with trophys and mining gear at all when you can get the appropriate amount of tolvium/cinnabar just by mining enough to make a couple dozen orichalcum ingots.
Mining stone to make runestone. Here’s a bunch of tolvium cinnabar that you don’t need on top.

While I hate to complain about being given free things, I agree in this case. I’m actually considering dropping luck as a perk on my tools, and not bothering with gathering luck sets because all you need is raw volume.

It’s no longer exciting to get legendary mats from a node, because you know you can get plenty of guaranteed ones and the value is tanked anyway.

One problem is that there is no longer much incentive to actually maximize your gathering setup with equipment, trophies, and food. Randomly hitting anything will give you everything you want.

The second problem is that with no scarcity at all, materials drop to very low prices, making the craft mods not even worth selling and the legendaries no longer feeling special or exciting at all.

Seeing a great axe sold for 300k coin was nothing special, just a scam some players believed it was actually working.

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Agreed that they prices could have been knocked down a peg or two, but there is a difference between being ‘more afforable’ and what is turning out to be ‘essentially worthless after a couple days’

No, please do not lower this. I am speaking as another player with work and responsibilities who has struggled continuously to acquire usable amounts of these resources. It is already stupid hard to level any skills with the material grind and the low supply of reagents. The only hope of making half decent gear is the availability of better material.

All these comments seem to be by people worried about the price they can fetch selling their over abundance of resources without consideration for the players struggling to even get any.

“full set of 600 gathering luck gear”. Really?.. As I rock my tier 4 medium mining shirt because I have yet to get a mining mod, ever.


After doing some napkin math it appears that the world may not be able to mine orichalcum fast enough to consume all the tolvium cinnabar being produced from the aptitude rewards. It needs to be scaled back down to reality.

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You need 80000 to get 1 full aptitude point on logging… You telling me you choped only Young tree ( 100xp / tree). You need to cut 800 young tree so its 13 tree / min + mining aptitude in same Time ? Please provide us with proof of time


I mean… if i was dumb enough to chop those young trees (the smaller 2 chop ones) like you suggest, then yes, I’d have a tough time hitting those marks.

Thankfully I am aware that the larger young trees and 4-chop mature trees are worth considerable more logging exp per time spent (nearly double what you are assuming). Throw on some green CON gear for 1-shot goodness and head out to someplace like the the forest near FL’s Fort where everything is said trees and you are good to go.

You should try it some time. You’d be surprised how many trees you can fell in a short amount of time.

Still there is no way you got 1 full aptitude in logging and mining by hitting boulder ( as you said)

Anyways as stated elsewhere, accessibility to legendeary materials is a good thing for casual players…

Only people who are mad were the one camping ori spot and everything.

There zero negative to having more legendary mat and t5 basic rss to go up

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now go ahead and try to craft any end game piece mate, how and btw GS increase is coming in january :wink: meaning even if you get a best in slot that owuld be a BIS for 1 month only.

And pls enlight me …

Was is really less than 60 minutes for 80 000 logging xp and 48 000 mining xp ( hitting boulders as you said)

You got a valid point but dont spread misinformation when presenting your subject thats all

Edit : a mature tree is still around 200-300 xp soyou need to

So you talking w.o 600 gathering luck gear and 300 con and now you said you have it ? normal trees and boulders

Nobody is mad we just think its silly and unbalanced. Why do you think scarhide smoulderhide never goes below 5 coin? That’s because it always has a use in training luckily if its super cheap. If tolvium & cinnabar drop to under 15-20ish coin then it’ll be used as a replacement for ingots in trade skill training and drop no further.

Just go pvp and let people who didnt upgrade all their tradeskill to 200 before 1.1 have some goodies too :wink:

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