Can we not work out UI bugs?

I dont understand why these obvious bugs exist STILL.

  • Abandoning Event perma on screen. Yes still happens.
  • Quest Pins going away or slowly droping down to where your weapon swap UI is.
  • Skill cooldowns overlapping where buffs and corruption tick sits
  • Towns not displaying the correct tiers for crafting stations.
  • Chat window silliness where messages sometimes dont show even though feed is active unless you go into the specific filter ie global, group etc etc.
  • Resource tracker breaking literally every game session

Seriously hello devs? These aren’t hard fixes for alot of them. Why in the hell has it been months and still no fixes for these very glaringly obvious repeatable bugs? Yes months because they were there in all beta’s.

Comon man


Add to that list the <Uninitialized> title and achievements bugs

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This evening I am experiencing bugs where the UI, the HUD essentially, is not loading in properly, or overlapping other things on the screen. It must have been the update today, for my issue. Pressing the key for the menu I want isn’t working, except O. Then the weapons and Chat overlap it? Bio is not accessible.

what a bummer.

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