Can we pay for name change?

I know a guy…and he needs a name change.


can be useless , yeah. - xXxBussyDestroyer69xXx

For the low price of 20k marks in season 3, if there is anyone around that is…

It blows my mind that they haven’t made a system to generate revenue off name changes and appearance changes. It’s legit like ez money.


I’m pretty sure if you get enough reports about your name being inappropriate, it’ll trigger an automatic request to name change, or at least it worked that way in the past.

I guess you would also run the risk of just straight getting banned though (knowing AGS), so that would be a somewhat risky thing to do, all for a name change.

No, This will be abused so much. People will scam and then name change.

Naw it works, they don’t perma or even temp ban, just force you to change your name.

Take quite a bunch of reports though