Can we play yet

I’m still stuck with 6700 weight, when is this going to be fixed so I can post my items??!??

Continuing the discussion from [Notice] Temporarily Disabling All Forms of Wealth Transfers:

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It’s 5:00 PM PST - developers have clocked out for the night.

Please try again tomorrow.


Pfft were they working tho?

Or is the community manager just pulling our heart strings…

I immediately thought of Homer Simpson when he had his arms stuck in the vending machines, when the emergency responders turn up they just calmly ask him, “Sir, are you holding on the the candy bars?”

Just drop some items dude. This could take a while!

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I usually support Amazon a ton with stuff, but this is the first exploit/ “solution” that has really upset me. I need to be able to buy arrows, pots/food to do anything. I mainly just pvp via outpost rushes, but when you have “infinite” arrows but yet every time i come out I am almost down 100 arrows it is reaaaaaaaaaallly fucking irritating.

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I myself stored stuff in a neighboring town so it can be listed later


Disabling the ability to post auctions happened at the worst possible moment for me lol…i’m stuck in town with max inventory and no space in storage…can’t post on trader so only option is to walk SUPER slow to a different town…which is insanely far away.
oh and im too low on azoth to fast travel before anyone suggests this…Literally nearly unplayable for me atm.


So are we getting refunds for the property tax for the days we cannot make money? I make 90% of my money on the market and now my taxes are due but i can’t make money.


Really feel like just deleting all characters and uninstalling NewWorld at this point.


dream on dreamer…

u really think they will reimburse you?

we all can be glad if they will have it fixed with a maintenance run on wednesday this week… look at the broken transfers, is that fixed? no.

why should they bother opening this up?

it’s bout time ppl leave this game and they put it back to beta where it belongs…!

Y’all slow as hell they can roll back time in game so just don’t pay taxes or worry about your damn territory it be back to normal about the carry weight that must suck lol idk how anyone can let the self go like that


Free fast traveling while we can’t make money!? Or post on the trader. Problem solved

They CAN do that… But WILL they is the question

problem is you cant fast travel while encumbered anyway, most of us are just stuck in place atm with items from tp, that would have despawned if not pulled down due to full storage. i just lost 1200 solvent due to this issue, it expired, i didnt see it, and just gone, poof

Don’t your items just stay in storage until you empty it? Pretty sure that is what happened to my iron ore … First time hearing about a despawn.

i think its a little leway when an item comes down, but the main 1 that despawned was 1200 solvent, its just gone. only guess is that mabye they give you +100 for storage and after that, poof

I’ve had like 1500 weight over the limit → 7000 iron ore sitting on full storage. Maybe i was just lucky, i don’t know. Just saying that it worked for me

Still can’t even transfer and now the auction house doesn’t even work it still says I have active auctions… wow f this game

ya, wish it had, it was listed in everfall, and its shown as expired and none sold, but not in storage, nor on my person. and, LOL im stuck in front of tp cant move due to pulling all else down, so unplayable till tp is back up