Can we PLEASE get in game GM's?

With all the issues that we’ve had since launch there’s none that make me angrier than the bots. Every farming route at every hour of the day is inaccessible or you only get 1 or 2 nodes. I absolutely LOVE collecting resources in this game. The sound design is great and it’s just a relaxing way to end my day. Please either work on the massive botting issue and actually start banning them or hire some GM’s or something. I would literally GM this game for FREE, I just like the game so much.

TLDR: Please give us GM’s so we can ban more bots


There are GMs. We had or have one on our server.

I’ve never seen one and bots still run rampant. Something needs to be done

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Why are you so bothered by the bots? Report them and move on.
You cant do anything. As long as people buy coin there will be bots.

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In the post I explained it but:

I really enjoy the resource collecting aspect of this game. So when there’s bots running around farming up the content I like it kinda sucks. It would be like if there were non banned hackers in PvP. It just hurts the experience for people like me alot. This whole “just report them and move on” mentality we have doesn’t work because there is still so many bots running around

So many bots? Did you ever played WoW? :smiley:
NW have bots, ye, but not “many”

farm in high level areas where bots would die. Those are bot free.
And dont rage against the bots, rage agains the gold buyers. They are the reason.


This should not be the solution to the problem

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It’s all subjective. I wager our bot percentage is higher than WoW no question

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100+ boomkin farm lmao

The macro gold farmers there are insane.

No you dont see them as much because 1 person can set up a multibox with enough boomkins to force players onto other shards.

I have seen videos of multibox macro armies farming gold.

Sorry, but you are wrong. WoW whole of bots. All my friends used it. (+ boosting)

But AGS need to work with bots for sure.

^ I remember one even talking in chat and oh my everyone on started flooding them with chat. Was cool to see though.

edit: It wasn’t all that long ago either.

Abaton, right?

They appear to ban bots in waves. So keep reporting them and they will be eventually banned. Sad thing is it may take a month. I’ve been playing since launch and have reported many many bots and all of them I no longer see anymore.

I don’t remember the name but just remembered the channel of people flooding chat to talk to them.

Reporting them does nothing.


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