Can we please have some sort of ETA regarding server merges?

Really enjoy the game however I’ve become stuck on a low pop server with a peak population of 300ish. The Trading post is dying and there’s very little PVP or group-based activity going on (Outpost Rush simply never runs as an example).

Feels pretty bad but I’ll stick around IF we can get some sort of idea when server merges are coming.

Any update would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Yeah, people are leaving our server every day and we are happy to get a peak of 500 to 600 at the weekend.

All I see is “pls sign in to OPR” “pls sign up for war” “Looking for more XYZ”

First, ETAs are almost never given. I am still surprised on how many people request for them tbh. The few times those are given and something happens, the backlash is grotesque.

There’s been some mentions about merges, they wanted to fix the issue about trading post blocking people from transfering and I think there are still some cases. Once that was solved have some time for people to decide if use their token or not and after that, they would evaluate.

Is not conclusive it will happen and unless you used your token, is pretty much about waiting. And considering the priorities still lingering, IF it happens, my best bet would be next year

yea. sucks for some people that used their tokens the first round to leave a low pop to go to a medium pop and now with transfers back that medium pop is a low pop and is forever stuck. Literally, only benefit is no competition on resources in the world.

I think they need to be sure they have a good handle on bots and RMT first. Otherwise merging servers just helps them access a bigger client base.
Also, AGS would need to arbitrate which Company retains Settlement ownership after a merge.

Probably best to just remove all player influence over Settlements. Solves a lot of issues.

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Our server (Australia - Agartha) has gotten pretty bad.
Last night (Friday) prime gaming time. Had about 140 people online.
We’ve had the two largest companies (that each owned territory) leave one after the other.
We have now territories owned by companies that no longer exist.
What was the main hub town (everfall) is currently downgrading slowly, unable to be upgraded or maintained as no one from the company exists anymore.
There is no tier 5 forge on the server anymore.

Some of the outlying regions still belong to the previous big company to leave (that jacked taxes up before they left) and are not being attacked.
There just aren’t enough people playing any more on the server to do much about this.

Only positive, I can hit the nodes I want for gathering? Not that it matters too much as I can’t craft anything due to no T5 station.

Anything else is pretty dead.

Oh I should add. We had people in our friends circle transfer to our server when they went live, before all the others transferred away. So we aren’t able to leave without stranding those old friends again away from the rest of us.

This is what happens when people scream about queues. They opened 100s of pointless servers when they should have just waited it out so we didnt get these threads later on.

They also handed out free server transfers why didnt you people move to a more populated server?

Our server has 3 wars and invasion tonight all will be full. Again this is why developers should never listen to mass hysteria during a launch about queues.

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