Can we roll back servers before dupes?


on my german server there are people with no company, speaking only english and offering 100x void ore and other high end lgendarys for a very cheap price.

cinnabar went from 150g to 50g and still falling with multiple stacks of 50+ in the trade post
tolvium went from 180g to 50g and still falling with multiple stacks of 50+ in the trading post
void ore went from 7000g to 2000g and still falling with multiple stacks of 10+ in the trading post

an already struggling economy gets destroyed by dupes. can we please roll back and release features once they are working properly?

No because I didnt dupe anything and you’re not taking my character progress because of it. Full stop. No.


Wait, folks are finally finding the endgame legendary materials?! I thought there was an issue where it maybe wasn’t even in the game?!

I’ll just pop that bubble, if I were to have transferred to your server you would have issues, between me and my 2 guild mates we have 150 void ore, over 1k cinnabar etc.

Your cinnabar was already selling for a third of what it does on mine, the problem is you have people coming from other economic systems.

Another issue is just that more people are getting to end game content where cinnabar is common since people farming elites will also mine the orichalcum. And since you only need 10 a day the demand is oversupplied

They stated that they have all those trades logged, so there won’t be a need for rollback. Also I’d rather not lose progress from 3 days just because some dude is a couple thousand coins richer.

BlueLance, you dont understand. if things sell for 1/3 on my server what it is selling on your server, why would the price drop even lower?

in a couple of days i guess we will reach 15g each for cinnabar and tolvium. this is not intended and a result of dupes. they only sell it on my server because its a big german server and the goldsellers know they can make $$$ on there.

Buckie, its not someone being a couple thousand coins richer. it will ruin the economy on severs. if it takes you 6 hours of mining to get an endgame item and it sells for 200g on the market the system will break.

Simple. Supply outstrips demand like I said you only need 10 cinnabar and Tolvium a day, selll the rest.

The prices on everything on the markets on my server have been dropping rapidly since a bulk of players hit level 60. It is only going to get worse and it isn’t cause of duping.

Doesn’t matter. The smaller portion of people who took advantage of the system doesn’t justify penalizing everyone.

Waste of time putting effort into this.

“dropping rapidly since a bulk of players hit level 60” is not a problem. the price going from 250g to 150g in 1 week and then going from 150g to 30g in 2 days after server transfer and duping is possible is my problem.

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