Can we talk about refining reagents conversion?

Why is it so expensive? for a single batch of 15, you waste 20 of a different kind of reagent, 500 faction tokens, and most importantly, 1.05g(15.75g total) maximum for every single one(refining tax). I’m playing on a dying, 200 max pop server, so even if I wanted to buy off the trading post the amount I needed, I’d have to wait months for them to turn up with a reasonable price(which to me would be less than 1g each). So to conclude, the only 2 efficient ways of getting specific refining reagents are not worth it, first one because of questionable game design( masterwork convertor and the randomness of the reagents’ drops) and 2nd one because my server’s economy is dead…

I think the convertor can be a much more useful item, if only the conversion tax was significantly reduced. If it was up to me, I’d rework the refining reagents system altogether, but I can see why AGS wouldn’t want to do it from a financial perspective.

And before someone suggets grinding it - I’d like to see you getting +10000 sandpaper/obsidian flux purely that way. Keep in my those reagents are only part of the grind of getting materials. There’s already a tool in the game with great potential of fixing this scarcity(convertor), so it’d be much healthier for the game to have it worthwhile to use.

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I agree, the material convertor crafting tax is absurdly high to make it worrh it. Even with high prices at the trading post it is still cheaper to buy specific refining reagents while there is an abundant supply of others next to nothing in price value.

One strategy would be to increase standing with a city and take refining costs % perk, but if that city is lacking a t4 or t5 refining station for what you need because various reasons, it nullifies your efforts.

I would be fine with reducing the tax by 50 or 75% otherwise I’d rather go farm reagents myself and get them naturally.

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AGS intentionally fucked crafting to get the grinding ready for the next big update. I have quit until a decent update rolls out. Won’t hold my breath. Good luck with crafting. You’ll need it.

The problem is not so much the price of these reagents and its conversion. The real problem remains that our crafted produce is worthless due to the massive surplus of drops within the game, in addition to the massive quantity of produce we create in the crafting leveling process.

I mean, just today alone I have crafted about as many war hammer alone to give every player during peak time about 3 - 4 of them, if I wouldn’t be salvaging them. Add to that all the drops and whatever more. I really wouldn’t be surprised that on a server with close to 2k players during peak hours on a daily basis we’re seeing about 100 - 200k gear pieces enter the economy by minimum. Obviously quite a lot of that will be salvaged. But because the amount of gear entering the economy is so excessive, the entire concept of supply and demand is totally out of whack on this one.

Even on endgame produce you hardly find any margin, if not even facing a loss compared to the individual resources if you’d buy it all off the TP.

This really needs to be fixed first if you ask me, before it makes sense to start looking at things like the refining reagents conversion rate. Because if for example mobs would no longer drop gear, or at least at a rate like 1/100th of what they do now. The demand for TP gear sales would rise, even in the leveling ranges. The reduction of loot drops could be replaced for increased gold drops, to compensate for the gold lost salvaging those pieces.

Secondly, make it worthwhile to try and improve items we’ve crafted. So rather than producing 100 items, of which most is trash, all at the same ingredient cost. Let us ‘rework’ trash pieces. Allow us to set bonuses to fixed, and via some system, ideally using craft mods, allow us to try and change the nonfixed perks. If the process fails, the weapon is lost, if the process works, hurrah. Either way, give an experience reward for it I would say. The higher the count of perks set to fixed, the lower the odds of success.

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