Can we talk about refunds?

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I don’t want a refund.

Now please go back to farming wood.

“Together for these exploits we have permanently banned over 1200 players, removing their items from the economy, and cancelling their trade post listings”

It’s $40… y’all acting like you had to get a personal loan and will go bankrupt without a refund for a game you’ve played for hours and hours.

This is insanity. It’s like me eating a burger then asking for my money back because it wasn’t good enough…

Get a grip come back down to reality.


If it’s like the full voidbent guys running around my server then yes, I’m sure that all are banned :frowning:

Again with eating the whole meal analogy, is there anything original to hear here?

I haven’t eaten the whole meal if we’ll be specific, I haven’t hit lvl 60, haven’t maxxed trades and tehnically can’t experience the full game as the economy is broke because of duping.

My whole financial playing style that is based around farming and crafting is essentially dead and I have eaten the whole “meal”? Give me a break


I’ve farmed more then enough to make a few sets of void armor ore is being sold for 5k per ore on our server.
What server are you on cause on our server voidbent isn’t something rare.
Sounds to me that you aren’t happy with your choice and that’s fine.

Finally a normal person to talk to. I actually love the game and have 3 other friends playing with me. I just saw that there was a new announcement and will se tonight if people are missing. Even tho Youdou is kinda already empty, but I hope for server merges. If they actually managed to remove all duped items and gold from them from the game then maybe, but just maybe there’s still a chance

The game is broken in so many ways and actually still in open beta.

This should qualify for a refund, but it wont happen. Ever.
But we could discuss it on this forum and pretend what we say matter :sunglasses:

The fact the dev here are more communicative than the rest.
I gave my fair share of play time to what I paid for. Here the game RM120.
Movie ticket price in here is around RM15 Average with 1h30m worth of entertainment.
Im nearly reach 200h in the game and im invested in it while waiting for Endwalker.

Im just glad that the game doesnt have any montly paid so even if I stop now, I got my money worth out of it.

Partially your fault you didnt do your research beforehand what the product can offer and I believe steam does refund before 2h gametime mark. Should’ve take the offer.

What research could someone who preordered the game do to conclude that at launch you couldn’t play for a week because there were too few servers, then a month later the entire economy would crash because a dupe exploit from beta wasn’t fixed and the issue went public, then one week later another dupe exploit went public? And, on top of that, it turns out that exploiters only got temporary bans and now they’re back in game with the duped items. This only scratches the surface because I left aside the hell lot of other balancing problems and bugs.

I had a lot of patience with the game, but at this point I feel scammed.

I agree, and that is why I asked for facts for refuting my claim at the start of the post, but apparently my post was flagged as inappropriate by the community so I guess I won’t be getting facts, just sweeping under the rug.

You decide to pre-order the game.
You have the access to the beta. You tried the game. Thats the research.
They allow refund at all time before release and you can refund with steam policy.

Every MMO has the population problem at first week. Thats why I dont buy it on the first week. I lose nothing by not pre-order.
Its like asking a refund for chair that you’ve used for 70h.

Dude I can refund my mattress 100 days after trying it out, that comment is void.

I bought the game after it was out, but before the first duping hack. I did my research

If you want a refund, you are free to apply for one at whichever store/platform you bought the game. That decision will be made for you individually on a case by case basis. With 70 hours in-game it is very unlikely that most companies will hear your complaint, but you are free to try.

But you already know that, I assume. You already know that most official policies that you agreed to do not entitle you to a refund. You just want one anyways. Or at least sympathy for not getting it.

The best advice I can give is to learn from your mistakes. Do not buy games at- or before release. Wait anywhere between a month and two years until all of the more obvious issues have become apparent or have been fixed. Don’t make your decision before you have any data to decide on.

New World in its present state is not a perfect game. I get why some people feel disappointed. But it is also not a beyond broken, unplayable mess as cyberpunk 2077 was. Offering universal refunds like they did was pretty unprecedented in the industry, to my knowledge. You are entitled to get your money back for a product that does not work as advertised. You are not entitled to anything for a product that simply didn’t work the way you wanted it to.

Buddy, I can refund a chair that I used a month from Amazon. Your analogy makes no sense. It’s more like asking a craftsman to build a chair, he asks me for money in advance to pay for materials and then gives me a broken chair. That’s a scam.

Honestly, the people like you are part of the problem: AGS breaks the game will every update and are unable to deal with game-breaking exploits yet you blame the customer for buying the game.

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Flagging the op so the post is hidden because his opinion does not match yours…
Superb community.


Are you being force to buy the game?
I know, If I can get a refund for this game, I would’ve take it too.

My word doesnt mean anything here.
Just here giving you a perspective in the future.

You can do that because a company sold you a mattress with that condition. New World also has a conditional refund and it requires less than 2 hours gameplay.

Yeah, that’s like you pay for plumbers to fix you piping and you later find out pipes are leaking and the lumbers are like yeah in contract it says that it won’t leak for 30 mins after the job is done. Later we won’t be responsible.

In the meantime trades are still disabled, the player count is dropping by the day in an abnormal amount. The game is broken, that’s coming from someone who beat cyberpunk.

P.S. I dig your profile pic :slight_smile: