Can We Talk About the CS Experience?

This is why I started this topic.

I’ve seen it happen to other people but this time it was me.
Like I said in the OP they not only auto-closed my ticket but took things a step further and played Gestapo and closed all the other people’s posts with the same problem.

I didn’t get my jimmies rustled though until they tried to move things into the backroom and slide into my email to offer a fix after closing my ticket w/o looking at it.

It’s not v. good look anyway you spin it.
Answer tickets or don’t but don’t be shady and lie about answering tickets when you guys just open them and close them to keep numbers down.

I refuse to spend any money on cosmetics until the game is playable…

War has never been in a state that isn’t unexploitable and it’s just silly that they are spending resources pushing out cosmetics with the sheer scope and scale of these bugs.


What if… and bear with me on this… what if the AGS business model is this:

Instead of Monthly Subscription, they sell you (for $40, mind you) a dysfunctional game where your items randomly disappear or break, and then - sell you Game Support to fix the broken things?

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At this point I feel like the New World+ paid experience isn’t far off.
Like $5.99/month and the CS agents will read and laugh at your ticket instead of just closing it w/o reading it.

Also, I’m not trying to needlessly dunk on the devs/CS but when the game is this buggy, AND the CS is this bad you end up with the kind of reputation NW has.

If your game didn’t have issues you’d have nothing to hide.

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Amazon CS is crap. I’ve had to make 4 support tickets to get my falseflag ban taken off and when I asked for compensation for being banned without reason for 3 days they told me that lifting my ban was my compensation and there won’t be any additional compensation…

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I’m just glad I’m a casual player.

I’d be ripping my junk off if I was you, or that guy who got wrongly banned for 15 days.

It’d be dif. if there weren’t taxes and upkeep and actual stuff that they deprived you of.
I mean it won’t kill you but it’s still crappy they banned you like that then said kick rocks, just be happy you got unbanned.

Don’t just blame CS. Blame the entire company. My company member was just banned after being reported by 10 people for suspicious activity aka farming, which is what this game is about? Hello? What else are you going to do at 3 AM when playing alone? They lifted her ban, but won’t give her items back? WHAT IN THE F*** is this BS? Why should I play this game if my progress can be taken at any time?

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laughable thing here is that nobody bothered to check anticheat logs for unwanted 3rd party software for automated play or something else that would CONFIRM the reason to give the ban… In the end I didn’t get to know why I was banned. I only know that I was banned for “hacking” from ingame ban msg. Support didn’t want to tell me if I was suspected for using bot or whatever…

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That’s one of my biggest concerns with the game.
I’m seeing more and more stories pop up here on the forums(with evidence to boot) of people being wrongfully banned and NW just sort of spits in their mouths and calls them lucky for being unbanned.

It just feels like they are drowning in bots/exploits/bugs and aren’t able to provide any kind of consistent(or good) customer service because of this.

The support has never played a game in their life, and are just reading a script.


Yup! You can tell they just picked a random company and outsourced their customer service. Didn’t bother with making a department with people that play the game. Too expensive for Amazon…

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OMG so many problems would be solved if they had CS that were familiar with the game and it’s issues.

Part of the frustration with dealing with CS is that you take the time to explain an in game issue or relay info from the official forums and the CS will just hit you with the copy pasta and make you explain the whole thing to someone else who also doesn’t know NW.

Dealing with CS right now is like trying to use this stuff to clean up a delicate mess:

I lost my Edengrove Arena crafted orb today. I contacted the support about what happened. All they said is I’m not the one who has this problem and Dev team are fixing it without knowing when it will be fixed or any chance I’m going to get my orb back.

As I’ve experienced after they fix something, other things will be bugged. What a torturing game.

My friend’s case : She reached the 200LV of crafting stations but one of the station cant be crafted after 200lv. She did send the ticket to the support and they said they will fix it and it’s been a few weeks now with no progression and timeline.

This company is literally a joke.

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I do hope the tone of this thread comes across not like “We hate AGS” and more like customers explaining how undervalued they feel and providing feedback, and explaining how in the long run this will hurt AGS since they are ignoring their most loyal customers that are trying to play their game.

I really hope AGS reacts to this and starts “upgrading” their support , giving proper answers to their customers and providing true support.

Feeling that you have a problem with a product and having no one that can understand you or help you leads to frustration , being given false information, being stuck in support limbo doesn’t provide a good optic to the company , and hurts their most loyal customers.

It’s baffling to me the lack of “hands on terrain” approach in some complains, that I really think someone from AGS should reach out and try to fix the issue.

I’m gonna link a thread with a user with the same problem as me , notice how Customer Suport handled this : Legit family share user - didn't get a license

This thread if a cookie cutter example of WHAT NOT TO DO.

Looking at that thread , can anyone claim that AGS support is trying to help ? The user is trapped in supprt limbo and as soon as it’s talked the thread is closed.

The mod in question doesn’t reply and doesn’t care obviously that he just shut down the thread on a consumer that was lied to and is stuck in limbo.

After closing the thread , that user still has no help ( had pmed the user in question , I wonder how many from AGS did so … ) and if his problem is solved I wouldn’t be surprised it’s STEAM cleaning up AGS mess ( like they did to me ).

Examples like this shoudn’t even exist. The complete neglect of this user tells a LOT about AGS care about their current customers !!!

I really want to believe AGS support does care , but there are many examples ( like the one I linked ) that show customer suport being completely unreliable and anti-consumer.

I have pmed that user and when that thread was closed there was no solution provided by no one. the CS that closed it seems to not care and just wants to clean the forums.

So AGS prefeers to clean the forums and lock a thread with a user needing help than actually helping him and giving him the promised license for the game.

At this point it’s almost begging consumers to apply a GDPR SAR request , and share all of their experiences with the ECC (if they reside in europe).

This is BAD optics, and I don’t think no one could deny that the support ofered to that user was sub-par , please improve.

Please do better AGS.´

edit : I wonder also if this response time is one of the reasons why botting is so prevalent and takes so long to be auctioned upon, giving them enough time to make serious damage to the economy. The reaction time seems to be a common issue.


Is there no community mod here that cares enough to even respond to this guy?

Wanna get a response, place an English post in the German forums. Then they appear.

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That’s the hardest I’ve chuckled on this forum in a minute. TY.

No. If anything they’d lock the thread and call it too volatile. None of AGS like to talk about the abysmal state of CS or like to deter discussion about their bungled attempts at supporting customers.

Well I think this forum has 0 moderation during weekends, anyone posting from the devs/CM/CS is doing work from home , or working extra time.

That’s why despite all of these bad experiences we maybe should wait for the week to start to get a reply, I don’t think no one is “hiding” at this point , there is just no one to reply to us.

Now I don’t mean stopping discussion of this or making this thread inactive in any way , but I would believe if a CM replies it will be tomorrow.

With luck things will change , and I have a sliver of hope left that they will really try to improve in this department.

Edit: after re-checking it does seems there are CMs active at this time.

Edit2 : Amazon support seems to be stepping up ( at least from my view and a friend of mine ) they contacted me about my issue and my friend also opened a ticket and had his issue fixed and solved kinda fast. :+1:

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