Can you all stop crying?

Honestly you guys that constantly cry about everything and especially about downtime when amazon patches, just don’t even pretend that you quit the game over this. We all know if YOU are spending your time reading and complaining in forums or twitter or reddit or whatever while servers are down, you are the kind of person that wont quit the game anyway.

Also realize that you complaining wont make the server go live again. You complaining wont change anything. Just accept it, be mad but don’t spam the forums and go get some food, clean your filthy room and read a book. Servers will be back online eventually and you can spend thousands of hours playing this game in the future.


When something goes wrong you have to point it out.
I ate while reading a book in my clean room, now what?
Any other tips? :laughing:

9 hours down and still waiting.


It’s good that you feel so entitled that you had to create a thread crying about people crying.



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Circle of Crying, makes for some very good entertainment though :slight_smile:


Bought it today, asked for a refund today.
I don’t like such jokes :wink:


yes we are not crying , but lots of people in eu working all day and they want to enjoy a good game after work so when they say , hey we have maintenance something went wrong on both maintenances we dont like it . I recomend to do split maintenaces on the servers like have eu time and america and asia time seperetly


We are not here to belittle other player’s frustration over the length of this downtime.

I would hope that our community would be able to show empathy to players who are frustrated because they can’t currently play the game they are excited to play.

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