Can you buy a second game and have it linked to your Amazon Prime and Steam?

I’m an alt o holic. (just getting that out there right now)

I love that this game lets you be all things and use all weapons etc. But as I get higher and higher level I find it will be more of a pain to switch to weapons that require a different stat such as Dex when I’m running strength right now. Sure I can respec my stats… but all my armor and jewelry is set for strength/con too and so my dex build would be gimped unless I have a compete second set.

So… coming from SWG as my first MMO where it was one character per server I found that lots of people including myself and my wife eventually had multiple accounts so we could have alts on the same server. At one point in 2005 with my wife and daughter playing I was paying for 9 sub fees after buying 9 copies of the game.

Buying one extra copy of a non sub game doesn’t seem like such a big hurdle compared to that but I started thinking about my game being linked to my Amazon Prime and to my Steam and wondered if there was a built in mechanic that would prevent me using a second game.

I looked at Steam a minute ago and even though it tells me the game is already in my library it appears to allow me to purchase another but I didn’t want to keep going and spend money on something if I was going to be blocked from using it later in the process of linking it to my Amazon Prime.

No one has tried it yet? (or will admit to it. :P) I can’t see why they wouldn’t want to sell another game, but I wonder how it works with having to link it to my Amazon Prime.

You will need a second Steam account. You cannot own the same game twice on Steam. For the prime benefits on the alt account, you would need second prime membership. But obviously that’s optional, seeing as to how it offers cosmetics.

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Yep started the process myself because I too love having alts even just for storage purposes sometimes. Here tho having them for testing out builds would be awesome ! So after some digging you will need to have a 2nd everything pretty much. Creating a whole other persona so to speak down to the email lol. So if you want another New World alt you need to go through this entire process.

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Ugh, I was afraid of that. I don’t care about the prime if it’s only for cosmetics and I think I already have other old steam accounts from back when there was a promotion for SWG.(Grievious Wheel bike if you bought an upgrade from Steam)

Still seems like a pita.

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