Can you finally fix it?

I got this scum bow from lazarus … All legendary drops should be + 30.

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I want that bow :sob: I am still only 577 on bow and then I have 2 layers of RNG to contend with after paying for orbs… Hopefully it will be fixed by the time I actually get it :grimacing:

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Hello @Grovir and @Relentless_Turnip! I really hope you are well today in general. :mage: :sparkler:

I am really sorry for this inconvenient.

I would like to send you a PM, then we can proceed to help you to escalate this.

Ok, lets do this.

Same, I have the same bow. Only +25 dex.

Isn’t that th best bow in the game?

Agreed that it should be +30

I bet a fix is on the way because I’ve seen about 100 of these posts.

It drops this way for everyone because it is coded incorrectly. There are tons of posts about it with no acknowledgement still. I also have one with +25 dex

Please update us.

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