Can you optimize your antihacks?

Its known that a lot of muskets players have hacks in abaton. Specially the best guilds (parabellum, faetality, banana squad etc). And when u are pushing, they have aimbot and its impossible. So pls can u optimize your antihacks, we want to play in a fair server its really tilting trying to improve vs that ty.

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Try to get 30 to 100 or more people to report them in a short period of time and see what happens. Come back and give us an update. That may or may not be against of code of conduct, though. It should be fine if they are actually cheating. AGS says it won’t do anything, so it should be fine, and I don’t think anyone has ever been banned for doing it.

how do you know they are cheating? only because they are good musket players out there that doesn’t mean everyone is cheating., how do YOU know they using aimbot? you must be one of those players that stand there and take all the hit, run on straight lines or just lay on the ground thinking that will save you? the nerve!

is it possible to use aimbot on spear.

yes, you can use an aimbot on melee just as well as range


hmm that makes sence i mean some spear players feel bit different .

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Those guys who use aim-bots are paying subscription of 20-50$ per month!
After each update u will see true skilled players being active in OPR. One day or few days later when auto-aim bots are updated u will see the rest joining too.

It’s quite easy to see difference between skilled players and cheaters. No matter how skilled u are, when somebody running left, right, dodge in different combinations u are going to miss at least 1 shot, while on the other hand some ppl would shout u without missing at all.
I’d understand not missing when somebody running on straight line. But if somebody mixing left, right and dodge in different combinations without repeated pattern, its impossible to hit every time.

Also yea, aim-bot can be used on melee too.

I’m not accusing anybody, but let’s not be pathetic and hypocrites thinking those sites are having subscriptions for auto-aim hacks/bots because nobody use them and we are all ‘skilled’ players.


I wonder how autoaim works on melee? Like what do you have to aim exactly if you have the target right in front of you?

Im wondering because i got called aimbot the other day but i have always been a melee my entire gameplay. So i was wondering if the player who called me aimbot was delusional, but i guess aimbot is a thing on melee too.

Just cant understand it still. Why would a melee have to aimbot.

I looked it up and mind blown. I was thinking a one time payment of like 5 or 10 bucks for these things, but some charge 20 for one day. And subscriptions! Holy cow. Makes me view those that use them as even more pathetic than I originally thought.


id assume itd be much easier to see an aimbot on a melee, whatever that entails XD

Theyre even more pathetic than that tbh.

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It’s irrelevant if they are pathetic or not. The pure truth is that they are ruining the game and fun of others.
Should not be given bloody 3-7 days ban for something like that. Should be permanent ban on all Amazon games directly. They are rich enough to buy the game again or new account, but make them pay, dont listen to forum whines.

So far I never saw in any game any cheater admitting that he cheated. All play the victim cards, same like during dupe when ppl said they bought duped mana/health potions, yea sure.


I don’t know if anyone has documented what happens if you get banned for aimboting or if EAC bans you. It might be more than 2 day or 7 day bans.

I doubt AGS would be unbanning people if AGS detected aimbots/hacks.

But, yes, I think people that use aimbots/wall hacks should be permanently banned as long as AGS can detect those programs with 100% certainty.

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Every FPS has aimbots. Its a super easy thing to code. Our only hope is that AGS gets rid of headshot multipliers and re-works perks and damage amounts around every player being able to consistently land most of their shots.

I’ll try to explain to all you neophyte what’s happening here…

AGS essentially outsource cheat prevention to an engine called EasyAntiCheat. It is a well known engine used by many AAA game studio.

EasyAntiCheat is a pretty invasive software. It scans a lot of things on your computer, but you know what? It’s still just a software. If it doesn’t “know” the hack/cheat.exe you are using, then he pretty much can’t do much about it. EAC can put control in place to prevent hacks, but since those control can be reverse engineer, it’s not that hard (for the hack creator) to change the software to bypass said control.

As usual, it’s a game of cat and mouse, and the cat here is the hacker.

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