Can you please alternate maintenance times

EVERY time maintenance is done it is at the exact same time. I understand that weekday mornings aren’t exactly peak play time but it seems unfair to continually on screw over us morning players.

Can we consider alternating these times? It sucks to have to dread updates/patches every time they come in because that means I lose a significant of my playtime that week.

I am not asking for updates to occur in evenings/peak hours but maybe just consider not doing it at the exact same time and continually affecting the same players EVERY TIME.

It is beyond frustrating how many times I log in and unable to play.


E.X.A.C.T.L.Y - The time slot they target is precisely in my sweet spot of play time. So very very frustrating.

They should NOT take all servers down at the same time. That’s ludicrous! Take NA servers down while, you leave EU servers up and, so forth. Someone can still play a character on one server while, the other one is down. A patch should not take 4+ hours.

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That would make too much sense though :sleepy:

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you guys see that some servers are already back up right? they are doing what they did last downtime and bringing them online as they are ready, and as before, NA will be last…so enjoy yourselves!

Every MMO I have played always brought down all the servers at the same time. I get it… you want to play… but its just 1 day that inconveniences you…

i apologize i was mistaken! I guess they were JUST going down. Sorry again guys!

You obviously didnt read the post. Its EVERY TIME not just one day :sweat_smile:

Not a good idea.

Not only would the regions that are still up get a large influx of players looking for something to do during their own down time, causing problems for those regions. (C’mon, you know that there will be quite a lot of people doing that).

But it also turns a 4-5 hour maintenance for the team into a 16-20 hour maintenance.
You going to agree to your boss telling you to do a 16 hour day once a week?
I’d rather they do the 4-5 hours and spend the other 3 hours of the day bettering the game. working on bugs/content.

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Fine with me I totally get that part. Just maybe not the SAME time every time please and thank you.

They’ve only had 2 major down times in the last 2 weeks.
Last one was 7 days ago…
I dunno about you, but pretty sure basic math will tell us that 7 days is once a week.

Its not fair how updates are targeted towards the downtime for NA players and basically hits you in the face during the afternoon in EU zones, they are catering for one region only. Make it fair and cycle the maint time through the regions atleast so we dont lose precious time everyweek, while some other region is basically asleep.

5 hours for such a minor update…smh
what about big releases? game down for days?, cmon amazon, you’re the biggest company in the world

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Its all fun and games until youre affected :cowboy_hat_face:

its 1 day out of the week. Don’t be silly.


Additionally before you cry about the “before you’re affected” I am… I want to play, right now would be the best time for me to play, but I can’t because of the patch… but I am not upset by it… Go play another game for a few hours to pass the time.

Sorry not all of us get to slave away at video games 12+ hours a day. Must be nice.

Its only silly to you because it hasnt affected you. Of course, youll be frustrated the day it actually does.

I dont think this is an unreasonable request. Its really hurting the EU players playtime too.

If I only have 10-20 hours of playtime a week and 25-50% of that time I cant even play?

By the time the patch is over I cant play silly.

So you mean to tell me I just wont be able to play for a day every week from now on?

How is that fair? I paid $40 too

  1. Read the post above to see that I am “affected”
  2. You automatically assume everyone who isn’t crying plays 12+ hours a day?
  3. You should have considered this before playing a game created by American Developers.
  4. If you only have 10-20 hours of playtime a week, that’s unfortunate but maybe the game isn’t for you if the one day ruins your play.

You want AGS to pull another team to do separate maintenance on other servers when you only paid the initial price for the game. They have no subscription, no guaranteed income to continue working. Its pretty unreasonable to expect them to do that in my opinion. But, hey… its just my opinion and this is yours. Not hating on your feedback, just stating some obvious stuff.

I am not asking for a separate team - just consider SCHEDULING the maintenance at a DIFFERET time.

Regardless of how I feel it still affects the EU players substantially.

Many game developers have alternating maintenance windows for this very reason.

I dont understand why you would be against this.

EDIT: I never once offered bringing in an additional team as a solution. That was another poster.

I’m not saying you’re saying to bring another team, but this is effectively what you want. As it is right now, the team is bringing down all the servers to do the patch. You’re wanting them to do additional work at a later or earlier time to make it easier on people in other time zones… That doesn’t work for them when they can just do it all at once. Therefore, that would require an additional team so these guys are not tied up with more work when it can all be done at once.

Secondly, scheduling a different time would mean they would have to come in earlier/later to do the work, when they too, have life things happening instead of you wanting to play a game. Maybe certain management cannot be there to oversee things at an earlier/later time to call shots, or certain people are unable to attend because of child care issues, family issues, ect ect you don’t know.

I get it, I truly do… it ruins the one day you can fully play but at the end of the day it is just one day a week, it sucks… but thats how it works.

I dont think its fair to assume it will create additional work or an additional team is required. Maybe but maybe not?

It would still be done all at once, just 2 hours ahead or behind. Many modern game devs have adopted these philosophies. This is not a far outfield request.

This is a live game after all. And yes working odd hours is not too far out of the realm of software/video game development world.

But if you are going to provide serves to EU and they pay the same price tag, it is only fair to consider this path. They are still paying to keep the lights on, after all.