Can you please start moderating pointless QQ threads

Constructive criticism is fine

Appropriately reporting bugs is fine

Threads about other games or just complaining AGS / New World are beyond repair are pointless baseless dribble. Anyone with half a brain cell knows the game will get fixed for those who enjoy it. The game won’t die no matter how much you want it to so long as people play and AGS is committed to support it…this isn’t anywhere near Anthem levels of bad.

Does that make it ok we have several bugs that need fixed? Absolutely not…but we also don’t need every single person dissatisfied who is quitting posting a I quit rant with no direction or purpose other then to be mad either.

Please do the majority of people here who are going to weather this time our a favor and start moderating the people just pointless yelling at the sky from their lawn.

The irony of this thread doesn’t escape me !!!


That is your opinion and you are welcome to share it. Just like we’re welcome to share our own opinions. You may not like it, but that is life.

This is a joke isn’t it - gotta be?

Because this is how this post has played out in my head thus far;

  • you see players writing posts and read them
  • You write a thread about people complaining about ‘pointless dribble’ and want people to moderate it. Which ironically could be deemed as the same for this original post.
  • I write that your post seems ironical
  • You reply with saying 'everyone is entitled to their opinion, which contradicts your original post about people voicing their opinions…

This is saitire right ???

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I’d assume so.

This is a pointless QQ thread tho.

Out on your lawn, face and arms up toward the sky. Tears rolling down your cheeks and your voice being carried as far as you can throw it into the direction of the heavens.

Its poetic

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It’s really not, ever seen how they moderate the FF community people love to hold in such high esteem? They moderate the ever living heck out of it to remove posts that are detrimental to the community having a positive gaming environment. This includes posts complaining about the game or developers.

It’s not that they don’t allow feedback and critique but they don’t allow people to just scream at the top of their lungs how much they hate things, the result of that is they have arguably one of the best communities in all of MMOs right now.

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