Can you tell us the size of tomorrow's update?

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The fresh serves dont come with the patch. They will be 9 hours later.

What does that have to do with anything.

Why would someone care about patch zise the same day as fs will release, other than being able to download them and join the servers when they launch?

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I got like 1h, after i’m back from work to download the patch, thats why im asking

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It shouldnt be a big patch, just normal bug fixes. Nothing new added to the game. So you should be ok.

You could use the Remote Install/Remote Update Feature Steam offers via Android-App (dont know if Apple Supports this too).

So either start your PC and Login into Steam before you leave for Work If you’re living alone or ask someone who is living with you (and arrives Home earlier than you) to start your PC so you could start the Update while being at Work.

It is just a patch at 3 AM (at least my time) and at 4 or 5 AM prolly the update will be available and it will download some GBs and then done.
Better always check if all files are ok after a patch.

And yes it will affect the fresh start launch.

So they know when they get to play the regular game. Bro dude had nothing in his post about FSS and you assume everyone cares about FSS. You look like an ass.

less than 1 gb so don’t worry

You dont need huge amount of grey matter to realise whats going on. Oh wait you need since you didnt.


Most of his comments are like this. It’s interesting to see
but good he reminded us AGAIN how HE does NOT care about FSS xdd

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Ah cute, I have another fan. I love living rent free in your heads.

Really recommending. Is not that expensive and you get 3 in 1. Might help you. Again “might” but not guaranteed.

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