Can you throttle TP more please?

I was really hoping to turn my lunch hour into a two-hour session of posting items to the trading posts in New World. I have nothing else better to do than stare at a spinning icon and notifications to please try again later. Great work1 Thank you!!!

Welcome to the community!

I read that AGS was intentionally throttling the TP because they knew you were taking lunch and they wanted their game to be as inaccessible as possible.

Thank you, Gemma. I knew they loved me and cared how I spent my lunch hour. It’s wonderful that I made no coin the past two days but still had to pay taxes, so it’s really nice not to be able to post my goods to try and make up for it. The new features and special attention are awesome!

Goddamn, I swear this is getting worse by the day. C’mon AGS!

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