Cancel the housing tax discount PLEASE!

Dear lord, AGS.

We have been experiencing a period of significant inflation largely due to you guys giving x10 the gold from all the money people are paying towards property taxes.

Housing taxes are a massive gold injector into the economy right now. If I own a company I can literally pay people DOUBLE what they pay in taxes and ill be running a huge profit.

You keeping the tax situation like this is a GIFT to companies. A gift to the ultra wealthy.

Sure, the regular players can be happy they are only paying 2% right now (because any sane company would be sliding this tax to maximum). But as a whole the bulk of this benefit is going to company owners/ companies. The majority of the population actually is not benefiting from an action such as this.

If you want to keep the housing taxes low, thats fine, but have a way to get rid of the excess gold generation Or at the very least equalize it so that its all not getting dumped by the bucketload onto a few individuals.

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