Cancelling 100 trades to be able to xfer. That's a lot of lost $

Maybe I’m misunderstanding how the tradehouse works, but it takes out an amount when I put up the auction. A % of the auction amount. So to be able to transfer my character tomorrow, i’m going through and cancelling all the trades. About 15-20k worth of goods. I don’t have the bank space for it, so I’m just going to have to give away or use it for repair parts, so even more $ lost.

It would be nice for you to have come up with a solution for this. Possibly… Trades move with the person. Or a temp bank space to give players a week to relist the items. Refunding the cost of placing those auctions. Something.

Also… Cancelling 100 trades is extremely painful. No cancel all. It spins after every cancel then refreshes.

I know this was probably not even on your radar, and I’m just happy for the transfers. So, I’m not complaining so much as just making a suggestion that you add something like that to future transfers. Especially if someone is paying for it.


Why not just waiting for your stuffs to be sold and then transfer to another server?

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why would you cancel your trades?, you do realise there is an option to list with a shorter time span

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I think the point is not what possibilities there are to do this, but efficiency. It’s expected that if you want a good user experience you should have little or no effort on the users side, if in this case you do, perhaps make it easier.
Because of the way amazon is doing it, whether you do it his way or your way, it takes a lot of time AND the money he used to put these items up and now has to remove (just to transfer), is now lost. He’ll also need to respost them again if he wants them sold.

Big PITA overall.
Should be more of something along the lines of maybe amazon holds your items and transfers them to the same markets in the new server.

He might be cancelling because he wants to go now instead of waiting a day or 3 days or 5 days. If that’s what someone wants, that’s fine and understandable. I think it’s more about ease of use in server transfers. It’s just feedback.

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