Cannot Log in Family Sharing, Cannot msg Admins for Verification

I’m trying to contact an Admin to verify my Family Sharing account for verification, but I cannot seem to open a private msg with any of the admins or any other account for that matter. I click on profile, and no option to msg shows up. Only badges and a quick summary.

Could an Admin Please Contact me?
Thank you!

Hello RichardB, welcome to the New World Forums! In relation to Family Sharing there is an official post by our Community Manager, please check out the post as it will be updated with more news.

Thank you for your patience and understanding

Hi Bridge,
How can I private a message an admin to submit account details for verification? I know others are submitting information to do so but I don’t want to post private details on a public forum.

Thank you.

@Luxendra How can I Submit account details to be added to the list?
I can’t seem to private message anyone and I don’t want to post my information on a public forum.

Thank you

Please send in a ticket to our Support team through the website. They’ll provide further assistance.

What happened to our promised Tuesday morning update letting us know when downtime for the week will be? and if 98% of duped items have been resolved, why is trading still off

Cleared the items doesn’t equal fix in place.

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