Cannot log into my character

Server: Harmonia (EU)
Cannot log into my character. Button is inactive and says about maintenance at 1pm. It has been about 10 hours since that time, but I cannot log in anyway. Is something wrong with my character then? What should I do? Should I create a support ticket?

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That is strange. As soon as I made this post, I was able to log in.

Server maintenance surfaced major problems on EU. Servers are slowly getting back online by now.

You can find more information here: [Downtime] New World Update 1.0.2 - #7 by TrevzorFTW

Cus they just opened your server.

I can’t log in either

Did you just troll the troll? Or? lol

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oh my days mate please do hydrus

responsible for European servers


That’s ambitious… you’re hinting that the person/thing responsible for the EU servers is actually alive…

This is more like it:

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Please just open Canopis.

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And here my tinfoil hat conspiracy theory was that NW was never actually designed as a game, but instead as an elaborate AWS advertisement. So much for that. :joy:

Though my server is part of the >list, I still can’t connect.

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Just too slow I can not read big stuff in the hotfix, but over 10 hours now and I still can not get in on Lesath EU! If you want to do this every week then make no game events on this day, please make this better for example why start at noon for EU and now its after 10 p.m. here and it’s seem no new world for today.

Even the worlds listed as coming back online over an hour ago (E.g. Dry Tree) are still inaccessible.

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