Cannot Open Game

When I attempt to log into any character I am instead blocked and receive a Connection Error message – "Error Code: Could not connect to the server: Unknown file version (assets\pregame\pregame.pak)

I have verified my game files and continue to have the same issue.


Maybe try renaming the file that is shown as incorrect and try the verify again.
That should completely redownload that file, maybe the verify does not see a problem with the file but it may be some kind of corrupted.

…\Steam\steamapps\common\New World\assets\pregame

→ pregame.pak
just change the name to what ever4 you want maybe _pregame.pak

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Good idea. Although, when I originally verified the files, Steam identified two incorrect files and updated/ replaced them. I’ve already uninstalled and started the reinstall process.

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Hello @Victis

Hope you are doing great!

The best way to solve the issue is by running a steam files verification and it will take care to re install the corrupted files.Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files

Best wishes adventurers

As you should have been able to read from my post, I have already ran the “Steam Files Verification” with no resolution. I even included a screenshot.

Customer Service on point. Good luck with the reinstall of the game :slight_smile: