Cannot see my Server and Characters (US-East)

Who spilled the soda on the outlet

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No one cares about the Real World. New World is our life now!!!


It was the new tech guy



Lmao :heart::heart:

Same issue here, Heliopolis, Wife on same server she logged in just fine, i went to log in a few mins later than her and had this issue. She is in game right now and playing just fine, So anyone who is in game right now dont log out.

Still the same.

the AWS console is being flaky too; could be a larger AWS issue, in general

Now u guys have to keep me entertained

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Im swing my pick (amazing sounds bouncing back off the cliff side) ore breaks and i get…

Great time to take care of Hygiene needs. Go take a shower. Brush teeth. Eat Brunch or Lunch. Then come back and check. And always look cute.


@McDonlee this makes me sad how can u shower at a time like this…smh have some respect…

…mauled by an angry bear that has snuck upon you from behind while you weren’t looking!


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Shift shift dang that hurt dont got my good armor on… Dang mining set…

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Ohhhhhh… that brings back some memories from early alphas… me, level 15… running away from a lvl 20-something bear that I happened to aggro while mining Iron in the hills. It was a good time when bears were abundant and roaming free.

Them was the good ol days not having a care in the world

It’s okay, just verify your local files :rofl:

Cant read Spanish!!! Some Translate please

AGS support is something else

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I don’t think so, I’ve already validated my Local Files before and it didn’t do a thing.