Cannot Start Game After Update

I tried logging back in this morning and had an update on Steam. The update never finishes, and eventually hangs with an error message saying the following:

I’ve tried reinstalling from scratch and am getting the same error. Thanks in advance for any help.

hello @harpsichordUIY , Welcome to New World Test Forums.

I’m sorry to hear that you both are running into issues with the game client crashing!

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to run an Integrity check on the game files: Verify Integrity of Game Files - Steam Support .

Aside from this, be sure to double check for any recent Windows Updates and confirm that you’re using the most recent GPU drivers available.

If that doesn’t help or you’ve already given that a try, please reply back with the following information:

Windows OS Version and Build Number:
GPU Model:
Driver Version:

Did this crashing issue start with the most recent patch?
Are there specific town NPC’s that this happens with, or with all and in any location (including the faction mission board crashes)?

Thanks so much in advance!

Sorry for the late reply, and thanks for your response! I wasn’t able to get it to install even after the integrity check found 59 invalid files and redownloaded them. What did work however, was reinstalling the game after deleting the contents of the game folder.
This is the first time this happened and it only happened after this most recent patch. Nothing specific in-game was done before the crash that I can recall, I was waiting for Ezra the Forgemaster to respawn alongside a LOT of other players before I logged out though.