Cannot transfer - september 2022

Hello @S3phir0th I do appreciate the clarification on all the followed steps, I do understand you have done all that is within your power and that is awesome, though I do apologize none of this helped with your issue.

I understand as well the suggestion of us transferring your account, sadly that is not an option that we have, since we do not have access to those tools. That is the reason I suggested this to be escalated via a Web Ticket on your end, so the concern is escalated and gets to be handled by someone that can provide you with a solution or has more options regarding this matter.

I did escalate the situation as well on my end, but be aware that I can’t add DxDiag reports and Gamelogs since Is not ideal to share this information on public forums.

I do really appreciate your patience on this matter, I will let you know if I get any insight.

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I Understand, and ive created two web tickets. The problem is that they only send me some default sugestions that In the same ticket I said that Ive tested all of it many times.

Really said it happening in a game that you trying to revitalize.


and @YiYi , this topic was an “copy and paste” from the web ticket.
I wake up today thinking that I sent my dxdiag here by mistake. So, if you did this edit removing the link, thanks for the help…

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@S3phir0th Hello again :smiley: !

I understand the situation regarding the tickets that you have sent and I do apologize that hey haven’t taken you to a solution, I will keep an eye on the one I made to see if there is something else to be done and I will let you know, if by any chance on the previous tickets, that you have made, you haven’t already added the link to this forum, try doing another one, please, I know it might be tedious, but that usually helps, also include all steps that you have done already.

Hopefully I will get back to you soon with a different answer, in the meantime, let’s keep trying with the tickets, you are awesome and I thank you for your patience!

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was this issue resolved? I am having the exact same error and I have met all the requirements for a server xfer.

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Hello and welcome to the forums @Xano,

I am sorry to hear you are having issues moving servers. Here are the basic things you need to have complied with in order to be able to do so:

  • You must be in a Sanctuary.
  • You cannot be part of a company when transferring.
  • Cannot have active Trading Post transactions.
  • Cannot own any houses.
  • Must be at least level 25.

Please note, if you comply with all of the above and the issue is still ongoing, some servers are presently unavailable for transfers as they are either full or not accepting transfers (locked). You can try moving to a different server with availability or wait on the server to become available with no specific time frame for when this may happen. You can check on the server status here.

As a side note, we have added new servers:

If this is not what is affecting your case, this scenario will require our tech team to look into your logs and follow up directly with other possibly sensitive account information that is best not posted on the forums so it would be better if you could please create a web ticket by going to the links provided by @YiYi

Best of lucks and see you in Aeternum! :wolf:

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In no place there is a information that I need to abandon my house… Its just 3 requirements, no itens in auction house, no Guild and be in a city or shrine.

So… I did you recomendation, and guest why? Didnt work, and now I lost my house and 5k gold.

So, after this mess, Ive tried to transfer my secondary char (lv15) and did the same requirements… And the second char have transfered normally… So, now I lost my token (need 3 days to buy another) and I dont pretend to play with my lv15 character.

So I think its almost the end… For real, I’m trying to comeback do NW, but I think it will be impossible.

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How long were you gone from the game?
Because I am also returning from being away from new world for 9 months.
Perhaps it is a problem with a legacy item we own or some other issue that would be common among folks returning to the game from a long absence.

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I was gone for 6-9 months, don’t know exactly. It’s still an issue though.

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Hello @S3phir0th, @Xano, and @PSi4,

I am sorry to hear you are still experiencing this issue. Please note the next step listed in my previous post would be to contact support via the channels offered by @YiYi.

Best of lucks and see you in Aeternum! :wolf:

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I’m pretty sure each of us has at least 1 ticket in with technical support on this issue. At this point we are waiting on results.

After everything I’ve read the only common thread I see is that this issue is affecting a lot of players that have come back to New World after being gone for many months. This may help the technical team to narrow down the focus on the issue.

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Dev team has access to the tools required to manually move a character. They’ve done it for me in the past. Escalate the issue please. Let’s not have yet another player quit the game due to absolutely terrible customer service responses.

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I have the same problem, and I am a former player who came back at the end of August, I also think that we have an old object that is blocking us… Please do it quickly, I have been wanting to be transferred from NYSA to TIR NA NOG.

Use the Dev tool and Move My Character!
I have had a ticket opened two weeks ago, sent my dxdiag and the two game files through the emails, through Amazon Support, I have called customer service two weeks ago and they said they would have it dealt with within 48 hours!!

Help! I paid Money for this service. I will blast your company on social media and no one from my circles will ever buy games through your gaming company again if you don’t solve this soon

My character is Bold Sir Robin
Move him from the server he is on, El Dorado, to the the server Yggdrasil
Please do it soon I am so fed up of this incompetence and Amazon employee’s copying pasting over a dozen emails and messages AFTER i have sent you the info in previous emails, AND called your customer support and was told it would be resolved with in 48 hours, TWO WEEKS ago.
This is the worst customer service I have literally EVER had!!! Free games are more respectful, personable, i guess what I’m saying is I’m tired of being treated like you don’t give a damn!

BUMP!! Bump!! BUMP!!!

I have contacted text support, and am told they have a ticket raised for the Dev Team, Please go and deal with my ticket, move “Bold Sir Robin” from El Dorado to the server Yggdrasil.

Just letting you know spamming here isn’t going to help. They literally cannot help over the forums (and I’m not sure the support people have access to a tool that can force transfer). Best thing would be to wait for a response on your ticket. I know it’s frustrating.

I don’t want to be in a situation where i just get support copy pasting messages which have been sent over and over again that offer zero help. Where I have opened several tickets through the support section of the New World website, to receive more copy and pasted messages, talked to Bots on Chat, and even called customer service over a period longer than two weeks. I paid for the transfer token and am being disrespected as a customer. On the phone they said it was going to be resolved within 48 Hours, that was over 336 Hours ago. No attempt to reach out to clarify, but rather ignore. Nah, i’m fed up. A Guy posted, if you cared to scroll up, that, Yes they can Transfer with Developer Tools, And if they couldn’t that would be the most pathetic excuse for a game design, and I should be refunded.

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Hello travelers, I see some more comments on the issue here and I really appreciate your feedback on this issue. To cover a little bit of what everyone has been discussing here I would like to address the following:

  1. I completely understand your point regarding the developers having tools to help out with this and though the process is slow and as some of you point out, you have days with no response or you have tried to contact way to many times, creating a ticket is the only way to get the issue solved, as stated in some comments we don’t have access to those tools.

  2. I do apologize if you feel you are receiving some sort of bot response, but in any support channel we give you the tools and information we can provide and I understand it can sound repetitive but we can’t make promises we can’t fulfill.

  3. Regarding server transfers over all, several issues are being addressed and developers are aware of this, I appreciate the patience you have all had on the matter whether is a general or individual issue.

I hope this information clears out a few concerns and any new information we get on this issue I will be making an update. I do wish you a great week :smile:


@YiYi So, the problem persists and Amazon is one that mostly loses here.
The time will end, many players have returned to see if NW is free of bugs now, and they will leave again.
And you know, most part of players don’t create topics here or tickets, they just leave to another game. So what we doing here, is helping Amazon with many information to fix that problem. And you only answer us here in the Forum, because its public and many people watch this.
In the web tickets that I was recommended to create, I did many and no one was answered. Just the first one that the guys sent me an “ctrl C” “ctrl V” asking me information that I was already sent.
So, it was my last try. Have a nice week!

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