Cant acces medleyfair shop

Hi , one of my accounts cant acces the medley fair shop . the account is level 13 . is the medleyfair locked to lower levels?

this is what it shows when i talk to the shop guy :

Hello @jordyd !

I’m sorry about your character not being able to access the Medleyfaire Maestro Shop. While I don’t have the exact answer to this question, I’ll be more than glad to escalate this to the dev team in order to get exact information on this situation. I’ll update the thread once I hear back from them!

Thank you for your patience!

Farewell! :axe:

Hello! I’m Back!

I got a fast response from the team!

In order to start the event, your character must be at least LVL 20!

I hope this information helps!

Great adventuring! Enjoy the event! (and the music :smiley: )