Can't add Gems to Old Rings

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  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: Can’t add gems to Old Rings

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  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: Try adding a gem to an Old Ring


Why did you cut the rest of the ring?
Some weapons with chain can’t have differentiating gems for example.
A void chain weapon can only receive void damage gem.

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That better for you?

I have the same issue with “old earring”


Hi @Osterman, thanks for pointing this out. Some other adventures have shared this similar but, and with @ExpeditionOne confirming this, I will be sure to include both your details in my existing report. Thanks for the screenshot, it is very helpful while we track things further.

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Thank you @rayman FYI if it helps, I also created a post regarding my issue, but its essentially the same thing. Empty socketed earring (I bought it off the TP yesterday) and I cant insert a gem whether its on my person or in my bag.

It is, it’s not that. Good of you to report it .

Thank you, Rayman. Appreciate the response :slight_smile:

also have this issue

Patama here from City of Brass just made a gypsum caste of a nice pair of old earrings that will not let me insert a gem into the empty gem socket. Very disappointed!

do you have a plan to fix this?

AGS??? Fix this game @Customer-Service


bump @Arshi @Luxendra @Eivor @Shadow_Fox @Chardis

@Chardis @swarf @KelThuzad @Jochoo @Ulfhundur @Hunden @Fostus @Zweihander @Jormungandrh @skoal can someone take a look on this bug?

Still not fixed…

maaa siii ancora cè tempo, con calma, il tempo che la gente si stufa del tutto di questo gioco



@Chardis @swarf @KelThuzad @Jochoo @Ulfhundur @Hunden @Fostus @Zweihander @Jormungandrh @skoal can someone take a look on this bug?