Can't claim twitch drops_please fix

Watched 4 hours of Twitch for drops and Nothing happens when I try to claim it. I only see ONE box as well when I should have two. Please advise.


You should be able to find that information in the link provided above.

This isnt helping me because I didnt even get ONE chest. When I press the CLAIM button, nothing happens.

Sorry, I must have misinterpreted it as I saw that you were able to see one chest, not two. Can you try making sure your accounts are linked? Otherwise my other advice would be to either wait until the process we mentioned in the notice is established or to reach out to Twitch’s Support team, at least for the first drop.

I only received one chest, but earned 2. I must have claimed mine before the fix went in? How de we get our second chest? I am in process of earning my third.

The fix isn’t out yet. The notice has the information for players who didn’t receive two chests when they should have.

great! thanks for the info.

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