Can't Compete With Bots

Every time I try to go gather, no matter the time, there’s a bot farming everything. I should not have to stand next to a node till it respawns to get materials.

Can’t compete with bots. How are you supposed to work on professions this way?

At this point I can’t farm for my professions and I don’t have enough gold to buy raw mats in the trading post… Perhaps it’s time to give up on professions. Besides I hear there’s so much RNG involved it’s not worth it.

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I only see bots in the starting arenas. Maybe try a different zone?

I’ve tried almost every zone. Even the high level ones. You probably aren’t farming motes or ore.

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My suggestion is to look for dangerous places to be and gather there. I’d love to chill and gather, too, but usually you can’t, because anywhere that is safe is full of bots.

Brimstone is pretty bot-free because nodes are protected by mobs. Unfortunately it doesn’t have many of the classic resources.

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