Cant complete Lazarus Expedition quest

Hey all - as per title, I cant complete the Lazarus Expedition quest, what am I doing wrong. Ive done the dungeon 10 times and the quest simply doesnt trigger. The quest line is something like “enter the expedition”. Obviously I have entered the dungeon, but its like it doesnt recognize it and start?!
Help please! :slight_smile:

Same for me, i entered with others, it worked for them when they used their own orb, so last night i finally used my own orb. The whole dungeon is buggy. First we had a person dc before cilla, we all had the cleansed buff but she wouldnt start… eventually all left the dungeon and i could start her alone… Then when i died, she bugged and wouldnt reset but stayed alive even tho no one was there with her… all but 1 left the dungeon again. So we finally after like an hour trying to get the cilla boss working could continu and we completed it all fine. But when i got out my quest didnt count. lazarus is so buggy and now the quest also isnt working ugh… it’s getting so annoying. It’s not even worth doing it now, takes too long, too many problems and i cant continu my questline.

Too late for the party, but do you enter from the entrance or just teleport in? I’m asking because a quest kill a boss in depth must be enter from the fall to properly trigger the next step.


Completed it using my own orb…and nothing.

I and a team member do yesterday both, and i didn’t worked. First run i got teleported and the second run i started from entry. So yes it’s bugged.
I’m waiting with my Lazarus key, that the bug would be fixed, then we will run it again.

Ive done the dungeon that many times now, that ive entered from the door and been teleported in.

Got stuck on cilla for a while bridge bugged and wouldn’t appear after I dc’d to fix an issue not see’ing the orbs. Then only after an hour did we figure out to all separately leave the dungeon and the bridge came back up after everyone had left and came back in but ofc not all at the same time, don’t wanna close your expedition.

Thanks @FancyFenrir

Jup, same for me. Twice via entrance and it didn’t count.

@KalleOfHell Im trying to figure this out. Did you craft an orb and go in, did you enter using a quest orb, or did you enter as a group member using someone else’s orb?

Same bug for me! From the looks of it, it doesn’t seem to be worth trying again until an official fix is announced. I entered from the gate and used my quest orb, with no luck. Gonna be quite time-consuming to get another orb :frowning:

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