Can't Connect to Server - AP Southeast Cretea

Hello folks!

If you are experiencing conection issues please check our page: Troubleshooting Lag and Connectivity Issues

Let me know if the problem persist.

none of this helped. please escalate as a lot of players from the AP Southeast region are not able to play at all


Hello @Vesamyr
Please post a screenshot of the error here

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Same server, we’ve had people who have tried for over an hour to log in, and when they can log in, it then kicks them off again.

Here’s my own error messages regarding this

Additional error messages my company has reported include being told their account/character is currently in another active session after being kicked offline.



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I can confirm that this is an issue for myself also

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Thanks you for all yours screenshots!

Now i need follow a few steps to verify the error type, i know this can be a little bit repetitive but i will apretiate your help with this.

The first step is Steam Game Data Verify:

Next please close steam and shut down your pc for 5 mins, turn on it again and launch steam as admin.

Try to join the server and let me know if the issue persist to escalate this situation our devs team.

I will tell you right now that the issue will and has been persisting.

My company itself has at least 10 people who have done that very thing several times today.

People have verified steam files, including myself. People have repaired Easy Anti Cheat. People have turned off IPv6. People have literally uninstalled and reinstalled the entire game. Computers have been restarted and VPNs have been tried. Routers have been unplugged and DNS caches have been flushed. PCs have been updated and restarted.

Nothing helps, or if it does help, it is only a short term fix and you cannot log in again the next time you try. Or you CAN log in for 10 seconds and then it kicks you off again.

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um yea, like everyone has tried that already
got anything else?

1 + 1 = 2

New update + login issues/disconnects = game fault

Please fix

I tried playing Nickelback and still didn’t work

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Just wanted to confirm that I followed the suggested steps and the problem still persists.

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I was having the same problem a few hours ago to, though after waiting a while (say an hour or two later) I managed to get back on Cretea without any repeated “connection error:unexpectedly disconnecting from the server” prompts. (however there were no changes to my PC/New World install from the time I was having trouble, to the time when I tried to login for the second time when I successfully got back into the game)

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Have you logged out and logged back in since?.. I logged out earlier to get global chat working after doing OPR and haven’t been able to get back on since.

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Did you really just tell the dozens of unable-to-connect reports here to shut down and restart?

How about we skip down to the part where AGS looks at its side of things, rather than this low-level tech support stuff?

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realy alot problem this game…

Just tried once again right now, and got the ‘Lag detected’ “Connection error:Unable to connect to the server error” also the server is failing to reconnect, last response is now reaching over 2mins.

Hello players!

Please try the following troubleshooting:

1-From the Start/Windows Menu, select Settings.
2-Select Network and Internet.
3-In the Status section, under Change your network settings, select Change adapter options.
4-When the Network Connections window opens, right-click your network connection.
5-Select Properties.
6-Scroll to Internet Protocol version 6. 6-Uncheck the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) box.
7-Select OK to save your changes for the selected network adapter.
8-Try launching the game again. A PC restart may be necessary.

If you still with the same issue after you try the troubleshooting, I recommend to contact live chat support here: Contact Us | Amazon Games

See you in Aeternum!

It does not.

Please escalate this issue.