Cant craft from storage anymore, need items in inventory

I have the same issue and am also unable to sell anything from my inventry or my storage just says insufficient items.

Same issue
New World Devs please fix ASAP, this is frustrating.

Same here
Character - bebelynet
server -EU Caer Sidi

Same here…

Server: SA/Atlantis

The only thing that keeps me playing this game is crafting. With this new bug, I’m strongly considering quitting the game… VERY annoying bug, discourages anyone from crafting and from the game…

UPDATE for Devs! — I have also noticed that some items newly added are not stacking with the old items, so now have 2 piles of the same items in my storage!!! see screenshot of doubled up gems in backpack that cannot be stacked

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It’s not just from storage. Even when items are in inventory, it doesn’t see them all when you go to craft them, depending on the slot. e.g. tier 4 food, doesn’t see my tier 4 food I have in inventory, but when you go to the other 3 slots that are whatever slots, it does see it.

Cannot access storage while crafting.

heres a scary thought, what if they were wanting to separate storage from crafting D:

Yep. Verified. You cannot craft anything without taking it from storage. This really sucks if you craft jewelry, that means taking precious metals, jewelry setttings, stone, cutting solvents, special perk items, everything from inventory evey time you craft. Game very boken right now for crafting.

Yeah, the stacking thing is true also. They have really broken th game this time.

Same issue, unbelievable

@Luxendra @Shadow_Fox Bump.

I mean i’m used to Amazon’s “Feature’s” but this one is one of the worst ones yet! Makes it such a pain to do any crafting or even know what you have available… Please fix this ASAP! Game is starting to lose it’s appeal and this one is gonna cause me to quit

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Posting this again as I have in several of these similar threads. The game for some reason is registering items as pre and post patch from the shed, I tested this by removing all my wood and stone items from my shed and throwing them on the ground then gathering fresh and putting them in my shed. when I went to the respective crafting stations it let me craft from my shed using all the new items I put in it. I then took red meat and juniper I gathered post patch and put them in my shed the red meat stacked with meat already in my shed when I went to the cooking station the only crafting item it saw in my shed was the juniper. So pre patch items don’t register and any post patch items you stack with them won’t register at the crafting station either.

same as well for me in Yaxche

Happening to me since yesterday afternoon as well

running back and forth to craft is just silly.

But not the most ideal, to n fro it issssss

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