Can`t declare war

Our guild was pushing territory influence from 59% to 100% and we can´t declare war.
We only saw two guys from others guilds and it is impossible that they have gained more influence than our guild.
The message appears : “Your company HAS NOT contributed enough influence to be eligible to declare war”.
I was spoke to other big company to our faction and nobody can declare war to this territory

The territory is Windsguard

Region: EU central
World set: Vanaheim Lambda(ES/EN)
World name : Kor
Guild: Gear
Territory: Windsguard

Can you check this influence issue?? Thanks

Hello Adventurer & welcome to the forum community!

Thank you very much for your report. Our developer team is fully aware of this issue and they are working actively in a solution.

Would you try recreating the company?

According to some users on the forum this is is quick fix meanwhile our developer team fix this bug…

Reference thread: My company puts in over 10% influence for declaring war and can't declare war - #2 by Archurro.

I hope this helps!

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