Can't DELETE Quests

It appears you can get a quest however they don’t seem to be deletable. I have no intention of doing level 40 armor quests at level 60. Is this a glitch or am I missing something? I only see the ability to “reset” the quest, not delete it. Can anyone advise on what to do? Thanks!

Not sure, but i also have the problem with turning my “auto pin” quest button to “off” and get them off my screen, for some reason everytime i log out and come back in, the same dam quests are right there back on my screen again. Also, the same achievement pops up everytime i log in as well and ive tried hitting f1 and f2 but nope, still there… gotta be bugs, this never happend prior to patch

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You can delete quests. If you can’t and only see the “reset” if because your quest isn’t a secondary quest. Is a quest that follow a line.

So then “if it follows a line” it can’t be deleted?

No, you can’t delete this quests. The same what happen with the main history quests. Only secondary / faction / pvp… can be deleted.
Probably your quest is going to unlock for you a new camp level, or a new fishing spot… your quest is following a line to unlock something.

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