Cant dodge out of Vortex anymore and I die way faster in general

Has anyone experienced the same? Before patch, you often got away with low health, even without defy death and rapier. I feel like something changed with the dmg you take. I just feel like I die way quicker, Im light tho…

Also I cant dodge out of the Vortex anymore, did I miss something? Is it intentionally buffed because I missed it in the patch notes.



Yes damage got buffed a lot.
Weapon perks on weapons are devastatingly strong now.

Damage got buffed and maelstrom + gravs have serious impact

On the other hand…skills tend to go off and not do anything. No damage, no effect.

I noticed that the mobs are hitting harder as well and they doubled the aggro hold time from 3 seconds to 6 seconds, makes soloing elite areas quite a bit more difficult or fun depending on your outlook.

Big damage buffs and debuffs in this patch. Everyone takes more damage.

Adapt to the new meta build more con and have fun the game feels good with the current ttk.

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Con doesn’t matter for most. It’s all about fortification and avoiding damage entirely


I played a few opr matches as a 200 str 300 con, s&s/wh full heavy resil and freedom with a few skill perks and a tower shield with sturdy fortification and shield rush and I was getting decimated almost instantly. Damage output is insane right now. Does not matter if you have fortification or high health.

2 healer in groups meta inc

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