Can't Establish a Connection after 1.0.5

I logged out of my account last night after about a 10 hour play session (roughly 7am EST) & now can no longer log into my main account or my lvl 7 account on a different world. I keep receiving a connection error message that simply states that I am unable to establish a connection with the server. I’ve restarted my computer 3 times, relaunched steam multiple times, checked for the update on steam as well (no update available). I am confused as to why I am unable to play this morning, any advice would be appreciated short of re installing the game :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat, haven;t been able to log in since yesterday

Yep, same here, they broke it again!

I can’t log in anymore too. I quit the game last night (midnight EUW time) and after 1.0.5 patch I can’t log in anymore. If I close the game it keeps running and if I check steam files they’re all ok. I already uninstalled and reinstalled the whole game

Same. Was playing perfectly fine last night and today, getting the error. Tried all previously suggested fixes and no dice.

I’d suggest you all verify your game files for new world on steam, I checked them & it forced the update for my game & I am now currently online! :slight_smile:

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That worked bro, thanks

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Solved also for me, really apreciated.

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I tried logging on this morning for the first time since the 1.0.5 update yesterday. I’m also unable to establish a connection to NA-EAST or NA-WEST (and I assume all others), even though I can see my character. I’ve verified my Steam files, rebooted PC, restarted modem and router, and reinstalled the game. I’ve also done further testing by updating my router firmware and attempted connection by VPN from Canada and US. Nothing works.

I fixed my problem. It seems that in patching to 1.0.5, New World created a new firewall exception, which defaulted to public network (checked) and private network (unchecked). When I reversed the order, I was able to connect.

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