Cant even open world zerg pvp with out aimbotters showing up

having amazing time everyone screaming MURDER THEM ALL AND stuff then they talk about aimbotters in chat. i start focusing there healers and popping there zerg. 2 mins later musket headshot headshot wtf spamming fortify headshot headshot then i roll roll weaving left right roll roll headshot headshot headshot . think this game is too far gone re release some how


yup, castel of steel has 6 people that use blatant aim bot. mass reporting has done nothing. i doubt anti cheat gets updated so these guys will probably never get banned.

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this is not an issue

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its a feature

you saying aim botting is okay? wym?

Everything is working as intended

Yup. Really sucks when they team up for opr, not a great time.

I think they have no way to detect it. Some people stream wars aimbotting and nothing is done.

You don’t need much googlefu to search to find the legit working aimbots. I know they work since I saw two versions actively working in-game. All it takes is a small monthly fee. At least one version allowed you to track players even when they are prone and too far away for you to normally track them, you can also enable shooting through certain objects, although this seemed inconsistent.

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AGS has se the bar so low that people don’t even care about cheating anymore.

Supply names…

I better make it on this fucking list…

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Sure, if it gets your dick hard. Major smokey Ebarbs and Mr legit, there are others that sometimes have sus shots but those 3, never have near misses. even with crazy lag they hit every shot.

Lvl 13 ebarb and king charles. Def aimbotters.

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Lmao, I think it gets their little chub going. Musket is ruining the game. Never bring a knife to a gun fight.
It ruined OPR for me. Really, if I have to hear talent as they stand on a mound that takes 50 shots prior to reach them is a joke. Not to mention, the distance the bullet travels from map edge to edge. Its literally like the final 30 minutes of the movie Last Samuari.

agreed, and there are always new people youve never seen before suddenly dropping 27 kills in opr with a musket. like they just got the aimbot and wanna see what they can do with it

If they never missed a shot I might just say they are good a fps games. But it’s the fact that not only do they hit all their shots they are all headshots, even mid roll lol. But ya those two are the most obvious.

Please report these players through the official report a player function on the official amazon page: Report a Player or Company - Support | Amazon Games

you’re invincible mid roll. You can’t take damage.

Ya tell that to them.

Many have to no effect. It’s theater