Cant finish Achievement

says keep playing in Everfall ( quests ) which i finished all…

As reported previously : 58% Everfall Quests - Stuck

If you think everfall missions suck, great cleave missions are all build up and no story thematic pay off. Keep your expectations where they should be; right at the bottom of the Casson where the bed rock is.

nobody talking about that… i finished all quests in the last 2 weeks, but everfall for some reason is still “undone”

18 months down the line with an almost daily game play and I no longer pay attention to the percentage (%) of quests remaining.

As an example, I stupidly, accidently clicked a quest for a weapon ( I run gold weapons) almost 1 year ago and I just left it sitting there.

A couple of days ago I received that covetted green arrow to cash in a mission and there it was a frecking baby war hammer. Now the point here is that I could have torn hairs out my head (obviously not as its as bald as a badgers tadger) and let the completion awards get to me. I bypassed it.

I agree that there are many a wide and varied method of enjoying this game and quests for me was always an exciting part of the whole game package. Like yourself I became downheartened when I was unable to complete them all.

Then again New World for me is nothing like any other genre game I have played. Some will agree and some will disagree. But thats the balance.

If a zone quest becomes unatainable then, if permitted, advance to the next zone.

Hey there @Saroth. Thanks for the report! I sent you a DM to gather more details about the issue you are experiencing regarding the Everfall quest achievement.

this is a bug for old characters. the only current way to get 100% on your main character is to create a new character in the same region and complete all of the quests there.

Indeed, the team is checking into this.

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