Cant get a refund

That’s because you need to try and get a refund through steam itself. Contact value and see if they can help you :slight_smile:

Steam’s 2 hour policy is no questions asked, but if a game is unplayable or has other actual issues that compromise the game you should still be able to get a refund regardless of time played (as long as it’s not a ridiculous amount of course) you just have to contact support.


just wait a couple of hours. servers etc have to scale up over time.
also your character is probably not gone, just the server is not reachable.
i heard they will offer a free char transfer to other worlds within the next 14 days.
just stay calm, thats not easy to handle so many users from zero to half a million.

Your character is probably not deleted. The servers are not showing up, so the characters that are on those servers are also no showing up.

im sorry amazon has probably millions of servers so there is no excuse for not having enough servers to deal with the rush.

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this works after 30hours too?

I don’t know about 30 hours but the first week people were saying they got refunds after 10 hours. Most of that was sitting in Que. But Steam thinks Que is playing. lol

This guy said he got it after 10 hours. i have no idea if it is true. I suppose you would have to try and see.

I got a refund within 2 hours of talking to Amazon Customer Service. I have 200 hours played in the game and I purchased New World 2 weeks ago. They must offer you a refund. It’s a defective/broken product. You are not requesting a refund because you dont like the game… You are requesting a refund because the game is broken.

If they refuse to issue you a refund open up a case with Federal Trade Comission. File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau or OR hit up your state Attorney General’s office. I guarantee you u will get your refund PROMPTLY! in US, as a consumer, you are protected by e-commerce laws. You cannot be sold a FAULTY product. No matter what the refund policy of the company/store you bought a product from states. You are ENTITLED to your $ back.

I’m actually surprised there isn’t a LAW FIRM that has expressed interest in class action litigation against AGS to recoup the monetary cost of this game for the people who purchased it. Or maybe there will be one in the future. Don’t get shafted by these big tech companies man… Fight for your $. As a 20 yr old kid you are probably unaware of your options because they don’t teach you this in schools. Educate yourself… Stay informed. Get your $ back

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To be specific Amazon owns 1/3rd of the entire planets servers.

I can call my credit card company up right now and get it charged backed and their legal team will hash it out w/ amazon. 300+ hours on my account. Or just file it through steam since it is a broken game. Hoping by some act of god they get it together at AGS but I’m giving it about a week before I refund.


I have had to get charge backs before. Never from an Amazon product. But it can work. It takes awhile. The company can refute your claim.

When I did it both times I never received the products I was promised.

Everyone pay attention to the level of entitlement going around these days, also the level of ignorance…The BBB can’t do jack lol…and the FTC will probably hang up on you or laugh or both…and as for contacting your states attorney generals office to get a refund for a video game…you go ahead and do that and see how it goes lmao.


When was the last time you were on any of these sites? They have online forums that take less than 10 mins to fill out that ask you precisely these questions… They have forms designed exactly for these types of issues… Simple yes/no answers and an explanation of why you want a refund.

Anyway folks… Don’t let this clown fool you… He’s obviously an idiot… It’s easy to fill out the forms these bureaus have… They are prefilled forms for these type of complaints. Some of them go like: Has the company issued you a refund?.. Have you taken this matter up with the court? They are very simple. You select a few checkmarks and explain what the issue is. It’s a good precusor to have as documents had u ever have a need to file a civil case against these companies in Court.

You also don’t have regular level 1 customer service reps that you would normally get if you asked for support by directly contacting the said company… There is upper management from these corporations assigned to review/answer your cases. If enough of them pile up the state will take action. But it never arises to that. These company’s do damage control. Educate yourself… This buffoon above doesn’t know wtf he’s talking about.

BBB is a fraud…you can buy good reviews, literally. They have no power to do anything whatsoever. The federal trade commision and most laughably the attorney generals office do not fucking care about your video game woes lmao.

As for your “civil case”…you lost it the second your signed the agreement to play this game…all the fine print covers their ass. If you think Amazon, the wealthiest platform on planet earth doesn’t know how to cover their butts in a legal sense…YOU are the clown.

Got my 3 year old fridge whose compressor failed replaced in a matter of 2 weeks after contacting BBB. Didn’t even have a repair man come over to my house to inspect it. LG straight out right cut me a check and issued me a refund. All I had to do was peel the sticker with the Serial # from inside the fridge and send it to them. They work… Trust me!

Got my laptop upgraded to top of the line $3000 laptop. I bought mine for $1500 and it was faulty. Company was giving me a run around… Contacted BBB… Had a corporate manager on my line resolve the issue to my satisfaction. Fact is fact… THEY WORK or i wouldn’t be letting you people know here.

Got an NVIDIA video card replaced a long time ago because Nvidia used to make video cards with Lifetimes warranties. Got an upgraded version of the video card after contacting BBB. They work… 20-30 yr old kids probably never had to use these venues because they don’t teach you about them in school. The govt wants dumb kids. Go figure

and You dont write a review on these sites… YOU FILE A COMPLAINT to recoup your monetary losses. There is a difference between a review and a complaint

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You blame Amazon for your lack of leaving an optional Q before it went over the refund time lol? How is it their fault…

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