Can't harvest Bronzegrove Terrawolf

Yea, i just read in some “News”, they disabled harvesting for a few creatures.

Specifically terrawolves (life motes/quintessence), hortus bears (earth motes/quintessence), and rimewolves (water motes/quintessence).

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Just in case someone stumbles across this thread, this is one of the elemental creatures we’ve disabled gathering for: [Notice] Update 1.1 Stability Issues - #2 by NW_Mugsy

If you guys disable it, you should also take the “Hunt: Bronzegrove: Hunt/Skin Bronzegrove Terrawolfs for Premium Hide” faction quest out of rotation or disable that one. I spent 20mins trying to skin these things until I found this post, complete waste of time.


It would also be nice to know why and how long it is disabled.

@Luxendra Can you give us an update on the issue? It’s been 3 days with no word. Is there an ETA on the fix?

yup i have a quest to skin some of these… i didn’t realize i needed logging 100 to skin them when i started the quest… but once i found that out i then went and got my logging to 100 but now cannot complete the quest

Sorry, I don’t have any further updates right now.

You literally never do. Every single response is “idk, maybe later.”

Should be pushing for that then…no offense but they may as well shut this game down if they can’t be hassled to get stuff out there

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We really need an ETA on this fix. This is a disabled feature, not a bug that needs to be figured out.

The change in drop was so minimal - previously ~2 quintessence would drop out, making 120 motes - and yet the ability to collect elemental animals is disabled for so long that it will cause new problems. The markets are already seeing shortage of wyrdwood and lodestone.
Do you like seeing people suffer from a lack of resources while others call the game bugged? How many times has this been reported as a bug and not a feature?

Why didn’t you disable elite chests, when you confirm they are bugged?

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Standard response these days? Guys it’s getting ridiculous!

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Hunt BronzeGrove Terrawolf in Brightwood, I can’t harvest the wolf and I am where it says to go for the quest? How do you complete the quest when it wont let you?

You can’t.

Did something major happen at AGS? Feels like a lot of people left

It has been another week and they are still turned off?

and another delay on transfers.

I think something major happened at AGS. They’ve gone silent

Not silent but not really giving any info. They are replying but not really saying anything. They are just referring to previous info and saying no decisions yet on other things.

They know they’re in deep poo so instead of copying and pasting the same apologies they decided to ignore everyone entirely… man that’s low

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