Can't log in. Stuck on the character selection screen

Been stuck like this for an hour.
Character name: Siol
Server: Calnagor

Verified game files, restarted steam, restarted my PC, everything obvious and still cannot log in to the game.

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Fixed. Move your savedata to another folder or rename it to savedata.old and relaunch

I have the same issue, where can i find the savedata file?
Edit : i found the savedata, you are a lifesaver dude.

Hey @Ahuzenfocus,

I’m sorry that you were facing this issue earlier today.

I’m glad that you were able to find a fix that also helped @ligma1.

However, I’ll keep an eye on this specific issue and escalate it accordingly.

Have a great weekend and happy holidays!

Yeah I am having the same problem. Argh where is the file?

Hey @nep2,

You can find more info HERE.

Thanks to @Ahuzenfocus for finding a workaround, and @ligma1 for posting steps to make things easier.

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