Cant move at all

Yesterday my ability to walk and attack stopped. i was then kicked for lag and logged in today and for the last 2 hours i have tried everything Relogging, recallling, using unstuck. nothing has worked.
IGN MambaConda
Server is tritinus or something like that

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Hello @TechnoKitty,

Im sorry for the issue you have. Please try the following. Close and relaunch the Steam client. Then go to Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files in order to Verify Integrity of Game Files. Then wait for 15 minutes and try to go back to the game.

Also please make sure to check Troubleshooting Lag and Connectivity Issues - Support | Amazon Games

Thank you so much for your patience during this launch time.

i have tried all of those with no luck, more more thing to add is the world it says im on does not match, it says live-2-24 when its supposed to say arkadia psi. does that help at all with trying to fix my issue?

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Can we get a Dev to actually look into our accounts? My account has the same issue as this person, which I made a thread for here:

I also submitted an in game ticket and it has been nearly 24 hours since my character has been frozen. I dumped 15+ hours into that character already and I am not willing to just start a new one on a server I know nobody on.

I know that you guys have a lot of issues on your hands but not a single person on this forum has had a concrete solution to the Lag Detected problem. In threads related to the Beta with Lag Detected, players had their issue fixed in 5 hours or less.

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