Can't move out of starting zone

My character can’t move out of the starting zone to Everfall Hamlet, as soon as I reach Stonereach my character stops and it says “Lag detected” and that’s it, I don’t have any connection problems at all, the only way I unstuck is when I use " Recall to Watchtower" And I can normally walk around and do stuff but I am zone limited even if I try to pass around or mine a rock it starts “Lag detected” and nothing happens no matter how long I wait.

Character:Asherris-Runeberg server

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Hi @Asherris welcome to the forums,

Can you please perform this troubleshooting Troubleshooting Lag and Connectivity Issues - Support | Amazon Games just to discard this steps?

Welcome back to Aeternum!!

I have the same problem. My connection its ok, and files should be ok too. To make further changes we need to quit game, and we have long queues.

Exact same issue for me. I was trying to run to another starter area to meet up with my friend since there’s no way to start at the same spot. As soon as I headed up the road I got “LAG DETECTED” and then it booted me out of the game. When I click “PLAY” now, the button just goes grey and I get the spinning indicator but nothing happens.

Ports already forwarded, restarted game, restarted computer, validated files, nothing fixes it.

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Same here! Go up to the road to the city and stuck with LAG DETECTED

I close the game, and now stuck in the starting area queue for almost 1 h 40 minutes

@WarriorCE I don’t have any connection problems, when you restarted the server for few min, the problem was solved

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