Can't play the game due to unrecoverable error

“No product information found, cannot initialize Game. Please contact support for this product”

Hello @ShakeyLeggs ! and welcome to our forum community!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and I want ask some questions so we can work on a solution.

  1. Did you purchase product through Amazon or Steam and got the activation key and activated?

  2. Were you able to play before no issues, if so Can you send screenshot of the error message please? you can paste it here.

I am curious Shakey Leggs. Did you start getting this error after linking your Steam account to the Amazon Gaming Service?

Disable IPV6. Can’t believe this is your fix… this is a workaround and not a fix. Even stupid that we would need to do this to play the game.

I have this same issue on Automatic setting when the game worked two days ago and it doesn’t now…

So I think I figured it out. Don’t shut off any of this IPV6 stuff.

I would be able to clear the error each time I restarted my computer, which is kind of silly.

However I noticed that I was logging off to desktop vs logging off to main menu and then exiting the game.

Seems like logging off to desktop is what is causing this, my guess it’s caching something on the AWS environment or something.

If you simply just exit to main menu and then exit the game, the error stops. At least it did to me. Hopefully that really helps.

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