Can't press F5 to perform music (have to use shift and F5)

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    Pressing F5 to perform music used to work but now it does nothing. Shift F5 on the other hands works fine. Meanwhile fishing with just F3 continues to work fine. Relogged. Rebooted. Checked for any windows updates and driver updates but the fact that F3 works for fishing rules out any software or hardware setting in my setup that might have disabled function keys.
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    Couldn’t play music until I realized shift F5 worked.
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    No, using shift F5
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    Started after the latest hotfix patch. July 30 or 31.

Please delete…Problem was an old instance of overwolf I had installed (and previously disabled at startup). It was running in the background and steals the keybind to F5 when I had made this post.

Oh this is interesting, someone else had this issue a week or so ago. I would leave it up in case others have similar issues!